Answers from Matt. (Part I)

Happy Friday! Wahoo! Yippee! Hallelujiah! It’s almost the weekend! I don’t know why but these last two weeks have been so incredibly long and I’m so ready for a good and busy weekend, woo! Have anything amazing planned for such a fine weekend? I’ll be heading up to Big Sur at the crack of dawn tomorrow and coming back Sunday, yeah talk about a quick trip, so expect an exhausted Katelin come Monday, haha.

Anyhoo on to answering some of those questions you all asked Matt yesterday. He seriously was amazed at how many questions you guys asked and since he is long winded like me he only answered five people’s questions for now. He’ll get to them all eventually but here goes round one of “Get to know Le Boy”:

Hello to all of Kate’s readers. Thank you all for you interesting, entertaining, and intriguing questions. I promise i will answer all of them honestly and to the best of my ability. Just so i can keep track i’m gonna start at the top and work my way down from there. So, here we go!
(ed. note: I swear he doesn’t talk that formally all the time, I think he was just nervous about stepping onto my blog, haha, oh I love him)

lspoon asked: My husband hates the fact that I’m obsessed with showtunes and more specifically, Wicked. Although (and he would be loathe to admit this) he does enjoy it when I belt out Defying Gravity every time it comes on the ipod. So my question for Matt is: what is your guilty pleasure showtune? :)
A: To tell you the truth, I grew up watching a lot of plays and musicals, and since I openly admit it I don’t think it’s really a guilty pleasure, but it’s hard to say which one is my favorite. However, more recently I’ve seen the Producers, Wicked, and the Lion King. The Lion King, being my favorite cartoon movie when I was kid, I would have to say one of the songs from that is my favorite, probably Hakuna Matatatatatatatata, it’s a great song, who are we kidding here, probably the greatest one around, ever. and if you think otherwise, I will punch you, right in the ovaries. ;)
dmb_libra asked:Why do guys like scratching their balls? is it more readjusting or just scratching?
A: Personally, it’s just readjusting. However, I believe it’s a case by case situation really. I mean there are guys out there that have been, ummmmm, a little more adventurous in their escapades with the ladies, so for them it might be a little more on the scratching side(eeeeeewwwwwwwww), but again for me, it’s just readjusting for me.

Grits asked: What is Katelin’s best quality, what do you love most about her?
A: WWEEEEEELLLLLLL, way to put me on the spot, she is literally sitting right next to me right now haha, how am i supposed to answer this without making her all mushy haha. We have a great connection together, we spend most of the time laughing together, granted most of that is because i’m tickling her, but still, we have a fantastic time together. But my favorite quality of Kate’s, her ability to put up with me haha. I work hard most of the day and ya find time to cook dinner and scratch her back and all that. Which ya sounds fantastic,.but i do get grumpy, and i do get very tired, so i can be a bit of a grump, so her patience with me and her abitlity to laugh with me when i give her crap, pretty much all the time, ya i’d say that’s what i love most about her. That and her boobs.
and What’s you favorite drink?
A: Are we talking alcoholic or nonalcoholic here. I do love me some energy drinks. My newest favorite is the Sugar Free Rockstar. Since I hate coffee, it’s a great pick me up in the moring, gets me going at work and all that. As for alcoholi drinks, i’m a huge fan of vodka tonic’s, rum and coke’s, and Clos du Vois Chardonnay wine. They’re all great.
Shannon asked: Katelin loves blogging, What’s you outlet?
A: I have multiple outlets. Cooking is one, working on cars another. Pretty much anything that keeps my mind busy. I love crosswords and sudoku, trivia games, and jigsaw puzzles. I have this game on my cell phone called Brain Exercise, I do it every day, it’s a lot of fun for me because I like challenging my mind, and I love creating/fixing things, hence the cooking and the cars haha.
Daddy Dan asked: Is there any room on the DVR for your favorite shows? What is your favorite and least favorite of Katelin’s must-see TV shows?
A: Hahahaha, ya there is just barely enough for me to fit my few and proud shows in. I’ll go over an average week in DVR at our apartment. Monday Night: Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, The Hills, and Jon and Kate Plus 8. Tuesday: SVU, Greek, Fringe, Without a Trace. Wednesday: ANTM, Knight Rider, Criminal Minds, CSI:NY, and now Stylista. Thursday: CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, and Eleventh Hour. Friday: Crusoe. Sunday: Desperate Housewives, Family Guy, Brothers and Sisters. Out of those, mine for myself are Eleventh Hour, Knight Rider, Family Guy, and Crusoe. I don’t mind most of her shows, but the couple that i really wish she didn’t watch are The Hills, Greek, ANTM, Stylista, Grey’s Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives. OUT OF THOSE HAHA I’d have to say The Hills and the model/style shows drop to the very bottom of my list. It just boggles my mind that people watch these shows, they are just plain terrible. That’s my thoughts at least.
Apparently I’m fairly long winded so I’ll come back on another day soon and get a couple more in. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Take care.

Oh isn’t he adorable? Haha. Gotta love the long windedness, yeah you can tell we talk a lot.

happy friday!