I love surprises.

First of all , thanks to everyone for your fabulous suggestions for Halloween costumes for Matt and I, you all rock. We’re still on the fence about ideas though, so keep the ideas coming.

In other Halloween/boyfriend news, yesterday I came home to a most fantabulous surprise:

This lovely box was waiting for me on the table and boyfriend with a big grin on his face was sitting nearby. Now if you haven’t heard of Cheryl & Co. before then you have seriously been missing out. My mom first sent me cookies from Cheryl my freshmen year of college and I have been hooked ever since. They’re cookies are phenomenal and they come in the cutest little decorative boxes too, I mean really how can you not love them?

So yeah Matt decided to get me some Cheryl goodies because he knows how much I’ve missed a “real Fall” and these delectable cookies. Apparently he also knows that I’ve been lax on the gym going lately too and these cookies will not help the half marathon training cause either, but that’s neither here nor there because I love me some deliciousness, haha. And how could I not love it when it came from this guy?

I’m just a sucker for those blue eyes………and cookies, haha. :)

happy thursday!

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