Just call me Dr. Katelin.

Well it’s not like I have a PhD in helpful hints or am all knowing, but I would like to impart some of my latest knowledge upon you all that I find to be quite useful. And the top ten goes something like this:

One. If you think you’ve somehow messed your blog layout and it goes array, do not fret. It will be okay. Case and point, my blog’s recent three column makeover. I had several freak out sessions but I’m pretty sure it’s okay now.

Dos. Although waking up at 3:45 is horrendous, I highly recommend early bird travels to the East Coast. It makes it so much better to have a whole afternoon while there. You won’t regret it….at least not right away :)

Threeee. Need a new song to put on repeat? Of course you do. Leona Lewis’s newest “Forgive Me” has been on repeat since yesterday and added to the coveted workout mix, oh she is awesome.

Fooooooore! There is nothing like your friend’s kid turning two to make you think “Good gracious I’m old!”, “I want one”, “Errrr no I really don’t” all within a two second span of each other.

Five. Training for a half marathon will get you into shape without you even noticing it. Apparently I look like I’ve lost weight (which turns out I have) and I didn’t even notice. It’s a great feeling.

Sixxxxx. DVR is the greatest thing ever. Ever. If you have issues deciding what shows to watch apparently you don’t own a DVR. I didn’t have one until this summer and I really can’t imagine my life without it now. Granted I do watch a ton of television, but that’s neither here nor there, DVR will allow you a social life (two points!).

Sevenly. No matter what advice anyone gives you, there really is no way to fully prepare living on your own or with a boyfriend. So my advice is take the advice but don’t live by it, you just have to figure it out yourself.

Eight. Always embrace a theme party. After revisiting my college last weekend one of the first things that struck out to me was how much I missed a good theme party. I missed it so much that I’ve already decided that my birthday bonanza in April will most definitely be themed. I cannot wait :)

Niner. Although you may start off not having faith in your favorite sports team and they may have tended to lose every time you see them play it doesn’t mean they can’t make it to playoffs. (holla holla go DODGERS!).

Big Ten. Feel free to get lost in a book. I’ve gotten lost in more books than I can keep track of lately and it is amazing. Seriously reading on my lunch break has given me a much better piece of mind and definitely makes the work day better.

And that my friends is all the knowledge I have to share today. And what have you learned lately?

happy wednesday!