I love it! (oooor dislike it).

by katelin on October 2, 2008

Love Love Love: That as you’re reading this I’m en route to good ole Columbus, Ohio.
Dislike: I’m probably lookin like a hot mess since I had to be at LAX at 5 so I’ve been up since 4:30…shudder.

Love Love Love: I’m going to Columbus for the weekend to hang out with these fine ladies!

: We’ll be missing three of our fabulous Eight Great group :(

Love: I’ll finally be able to explore downtown Columbus which I somehow missed going to college 30 minutes away.
Dislike: I’ll only have a weekend to do it!

Loooove: My liver is recovered from last weekend’s party hardyness and is ready to go like a champ
Dislike: As much as I think I’m ready to party, I am sadly no longer 21 and most likely my liver will revolt. Damn you liver!

Love Lurve: Spending so much time with just girls and talking about girly things and doing girly things and just being girly!
Dislike: Um there’s nothing to dislike about be overly girly for a weekend, especially when you live with a boy (I still love you Matt). :)

Loooooove: Visiting my college and seeing how much has changed in two years.
Dislike: That I don’t still go there.

Absolutely Love: It’s October! And I’m going to Columbus! October + Columbus, OH = most beautiful time of the year.
Dislike: I can’t dislike that, 70 degrees is way better than the ridiculous 99 degrees heat we’re having in California.

Love: I can bust out the sweaters and some scarves and rock the Fall look even if just for a weekend.
Dislike: This also means I have to wear shoes….I don’t really like shoes…. so we’ll see about that.

Love: I’ve got an ipod full of new tunes, my latest read, and comfy sweats ready for whatever travel adventures come my way.
Dislike: Being at the whim of airlines and the weather gods. Dearest all, pray for me to make it to and from in one piece within a reasonable time.

Love Love Love: My friends, traveling, the Fall, all of it! Wahoo!

and what do you love or dislike today?

pps. stay tuned for one fantabulous guest blogger manana. woot!

happy thursday!

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