Huzzah for Hollywood.

Oh man what a break indeed. And I needed it. I had four meetings, two phone calls and endless amounts of report doing and campaign organizing yesterday. What a way to end September, haha. But thank goodness for lunch breaks and new books (The Secret Life of Bees if you’re curious). But just because I didn’t post about Hollywood doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton to talk about, so sit back and get ready for the crazy:

  • So it’s clearly not a Hollywood post of mine if there isn’t a cute bebe or two to start it off. And today’s cutie pie comes courtesy of Naomi Watts once again and her precious little tot, Alexander….freakin adorable:

  • Another adorable tot is little Kingston, seriously this kid is adorable. And I bet he’s a superb older brother already, he can give Alexander some pointers:

  • From cute bebes we get a little more serious and take the time to remember a legend that passed away over the weekend, Paul Newman. Now I’m going to be honest and say I haven’t really seen any of his movies (er not that I can remember) but the man is a Hollywood icon and will definitely be missed. At least we’ll always see his face on those tasty salad dressings :)

  • In other sad, but uplifting news, both DJ AM and Travis Barker have been released from the hospital and are currently on the road to further recovery pending from the fatal plane crash they were involved in two weeks ago. DJ AM was even well enough to attend a memorial service for one of the victims yesterday. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families involved.
  • And for some more celeb round ups we have:

  • Oh man and my TV, oh my TV.
    Desperate Housewives. *spoiler alert*As I’ve mentioned before this was one of my favorite finales of all last season, so I was more than excited for it’s return. And I’m not going to lie, when Mike came on the screen at the end of the episode I squealed with delight and yelled “He’s Alive!!!!”. Yeah Matt had no idea what I was talking about. But man I would have been pissed if they really killed him, he’s my fave on the show. Anyhoo, I loved the premiere. I thought it was great to see everyone’s new lives and all the weird changes and all the drama that’s about to happen (per usual). All in all, looks like the potential for a great season.

    The Hills
    . Why do I watch? Why? Everytime I watch I just want to throw something at Spencer. Seriously could he be a bigger dbag to Heidi’s mom? And could Heidi be any dumber for actually being on his side? I mean really, it’s just ridiculous. And then we have the whole Stephanie/Doug thing, I mean what really happened here? Do we even know? I agree with Trent and think they’re both just shady folks who clearly don’t know what really happened between them and feel the need to talk about it 24/7. And Whitney, I heart you. I really can’t wait for your own show that hopefully won’t have some lame HS drama on it…just grown up type drama okay? Oh and unrelated to last night’s episode apparently there is more drama going on between Lauren and Audrina according to their respective Myspace accounts. Just kiss and make up ladies, you’re both cool and love the drama, just drop the lame boys and mean Lo and you’ll be good, okay? Great. Thanks. See you next week.

    Heroes. Is it just me or is the show still confusing? People are dead, they’re alive, they’re clone babies, they are hiding in other people’s bodies, they kill people, they save people, they paint in Africa, they time travel!!?!? Gah. It’s almost too much. But of course I’ll still be watching next week. I need to know what happens okay?

    How I Met Your Mother. I love this show. You should too. And then we can talk about it. And it will be legen……wait for it………dary. :)

  • And to top of this post of awesome random Hollywood happenings I bring you this week’s WTF. A woman in Middleton, Ohio (hopefully that’s nowhere near where I’m headin this weekend, haha) was arrested for driving like a crazy person and chasing down children. But that’s not all….she was wearing a cow suit. Seriously woman, seriously? I want to know what she was smoking that day, haha.

And that’s what I got today folks. Whew.

happy wednesday!