Hollywood’s making me famous.

Oh man this Hollywood post is a doozy, so much to talk about so hang tight, sit back and enjoy:

  • Now I know you guys are probably getting sick of my Ryan posts but just one more fun fact to add to the mix. Apparently someone from The United States of Gosling found my near Ryan encounters post worthy and put them up, haha. I feel so special, sort of like when my Jordan story hit all the NKOTB boards, holla.

  • Of course my post wouldn’t be Hollywood without some cutie pie celebrity kid, and this week’s adorable tot is little Suri enjoying a day at Build-A-Bear:


  • And on from the bebes to the Emmy’s. So I must admit….I didn’t watch it all….I missed the beginning, watched a couple in the middle and then taped the end and have yet to watch it because last night was How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, The Hills and John and Kate Plus 8. So needless to say I can’t give a whole lot of insight on anything besides the winners and the outfits, so here goes…

    le winners: Jeremy Piven? Really? I’m sort of over that one. Amazing Race as best reality show yet again, yeah so over that one to. And apparently I should be watching Mad Men and the John Adams miniseries because those freaking rocked almost every category they were nominated in.

    the show: Don Rickles is hilarious. Sandra Oh’s line was pretty awesome too “my parent’s couldn’t have been more proud of me for being up here…unless I actually was a doctor”, haha. The pre show skit with Michael Phelps was sort of weird, but sort of entertaining.

    the outfits:

    what a lovely Grey’s couple

    what a dashing duo

    of course I love her dress, it’s yellow
    and she’s Olivia, hello!
    can I please look this good at her age and rock this dress?

    I sort of love her dress

    Sandra Oh looking fabulous

  • Speaking of my shows, How I Met Your Mother was pretty funny…man I heart Barney and I sort of like Stella as the potential mother. Heroes was effing confusing, I swear I was so lost the whole time. And is it just me or did they make some sort of lovey weird relationship between Claire and Peter? They’re uncle and niece for crimeny sake! Ew!

    And to the most ridiculous of my shows…the Hills. First not actually on the show but I saw online, apparently the Cut never wants me to eat there because I would probably vom before my food came if I saw Heidi and Spencer’s portraits on the wall, freakin gag me. I’m not even posting the actual pictures, just click here to laugh and point and then gag. And to the actual show…..first of all Kimberly at Bolthouse, don’t call me old because I stay in some nights, pshaw, I get tired. Lo and Audrina at lunch…together???? Awkward……but then ummm those biatches got a table for themselves, at GOA?! Can I have their life?! Or just their money at least. And umm messages to the Pratts, you aren’t cool, get over yourselves, stat. And Spencer, she’s not LC any more, stop it! Stat. Okay actually the show isn’t even half over and I could write pages of rants and raves for this ridiculous show, but I’ll just stop now. Love to hate to love this show. The end.

  • In today’s WTF news I bring you two gems both having to do with Wal-Mart, haha. The first one comes courtesy of Mr. Jamie Lynn Spears….aka Casey Aldridge. For some reason he thought it would be a smart idea to print some home pictures at the local Wal-Mart. Well lo and behold some pics of little Jamie breastfeeding baby Maddie have leaked out…well duh!?! Ever heard of a home printer? I mean really, you can easily afford it. Use it. Remember that next time Casey okay? Thanks.

    And the second WTF gem comes from Latarian Milton, the 7 year old who stole his grandma’s car for a joy ride back in April…yeah well he somehow did it again. Why the hell does his grandma leave the keys out? I mean really get a clue? You have one bad ass kid on your hands who has a strong love for Wal-Mart, haha. *update. the story was fake, Latarian did not strike again, but man that would have been funny*

And that my friends is all the crazy happenin around Hollywood…whew.

happy tuesday!