Bebes, Hotties and Bad TV. Clearly it’s Hollywood day.

So really I swear I’m not changing my Hollywood updates to Wednesdays, it just so happens I’ve had to push it here the past couple of weeks. But fret not, next week we’ll be back to normal. However, it’s Hollywood catch up and recap and gossip fest time, so here goes:

  • It wouldn’t be a Hollywood post if I didn’t talk about at least one celeb baby because we all know I lurve the bebes. So today’s post is no different… Halle Berry finally decided to show baby Nahla to the world at none other than the LA Zoo (probably so she could say hi to Simba, haha.. I kid, I kid, bad joke). But seriously this bebe is not lacking on the cute genes, she is pretty dang precious actually:

  • In other cute bebe news, Gavin Rossdale is climbing the charts of my fave Hollywood dad. Seriously, his beach day with little Kingston is freaking adorable, adorable I say people. I dare you not to ooooh and awwwww:

  • Okay moving on from the babyness, I know you can only handle so much. In funny “these people have too much time on their hands” news, someone decided that Christian Bale and Kermit the frog have a lot in common. Not even kidding. There are twentyish pictures comparing the two…not gonna lie, I laughed a lot.
    Check out the rest here if you’re so inclined.

  • So on Sunday I decided I should re-watch Season 1 of the Hills. Well I only got about three episodes in before I switched to Dawson’s Creek but still it was eye opening. I totally forgot how much of an airhead Heidi was…oh wait, she still is. And her other boyfriend Jordan and his lame friend who’s name I’ve already forgotten who liked Audrina and makes Justin Bobby look cute were actually in the show a lot. And Lauren was actually concerned about her job and school and was pissed when Heidi quit. Oh how so much has changed.

    In other Hills updates, Heidi is continuing to poison the airwaves by releasing yet another song. Seriously Heidi, please stop, you are making me want to listen to High School Musical or something equally high pitched and annoying. And I finally watched last week’s episode and wow. So much going on there. But hey that place they went for Stephanie’s birthday, yeah I went there for the Sex and the City party and the green party a couple months ago. I’m like a hop skip and away from being Lauren’s new bff. As for the other Hills news, umm. I still hate that I love this show. It’s such a guilty addiction, oy.

  • In other guilty TV news like I said I watched Dawson’s Creek on Sunday. Ohemgee. I forgot how much I love that show. I was finally watching season six and I couldn’t be happier. And by finally I mean that when I went to college it was in its final season and for some reason the WB did not exist at my school and I missed. it. all. A show I had seen every single episode of and I had to miss the final season! Heart break. So imagine my delight when I realized “oh man, I have time today, I can watch an episode or two and finally figure out what the hell happened in Creek town.” And man I learned that Joshua Jackson looks a hell of a lot better now than he did in the beginning of season 6 (facial hair does and scraggly hair is not look good on him, oy)…case and point:

    Simply dashing. Love it.

  • And today’s WTF news comes from my “ex-boyfriend” (haha) Michael Jackson. Apparently he’s been secretly dating Pam Anderson. Haha. Haha. Haha. Excuse me while I go wash my hands. That just sounds dirty on all accounts. I love you Michael (even if you are the biggest weirdo these days) and Pam you may be a little crazy, but you’re okay in my book…but together…NO people. NO. The Mirror better be lying.
  • And lastly, don’t forget to enter my NKOTB giveaway! Seriously I know there are more fans out there that want to experience the goodness of their new CD. I was fortunate enough to get the CD on Friday and it’s been in my car’s CD player ever since. I am hooked. It’s bad. But it’s so awesome. :)

And that my friends is the Hollywoooooood latest and greatest. Anything amazingly awesome I missed, please let me know and I will gladly update! Woo!

happy wednesday!