Fuzzy brain thoughts.

I know, I know I probably should write a real post today or at least pictures of the apartment, but clearly that isn’t happenin yet, so instead I leave you with a look inside my brain (not literally of course, that would hurt):

  • I wonder if my neighbors can hear me blasting girly music while I get ready in the morning…
  • Do they sing along?
  • Will all 300 of Matt and my DVDs fit in our new holders? I seriously hope so because it will look awesome.
  • Where can I get a cute green table cloth for our fabulous dining room table?
  • I smell bagels….mmmmmm….did you get one for me?
  • I’m seeing Wicked again on Sunday! I should probably listen to the soundtrack again and again just to prep. Ah! Love Love Love.
  • There is a library within walking distance of my apartment and I love it, I will keep reading even when I get cable…I will, I will.
  • I’ve had six meetings this week so far. Just call me the queen of meetings.
  • Does North Dakota really exist? Who actually lives there?
    (ps. I know, I know it’s a real place, it’s just a fabulous joke I had going for a long time, Homer Simpson even agreed with me, haha)
  • I like the dress, but why the shoes Solange, why?
  • Queen’s “Somebody to Love” is awesome. Seriously awesome. Hello repeat button.
  • Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are one of the cutest couples ever. Viva Noah and Allie!

  • Why is it so effing cold in my office? Seriously people we are not in the arctic.
  • Almost the weekend, it’s almost the weekend, come on now…

Yeah there’s a lot going on my brain today. And what’s on your mind?

happy thursday!