I’ll have a Zima with my Hollywood news.

So really, I take a break for one day and all of Hollywood breaks loose. I kid, I kid, Hollywood is always full of random ass stories of pregnant ladies, bad music videos and every now and then some real inspiration. So let’s go shall we?

  • So apparently I feel the need to talk about a baby or a pregnant lady every week, and this week is no different. However the two ladies knocked up this week are way out my ordinary realm of discussion. And who are these fine females…none other than the Queen of Porn herself Miss Jenna Jameson and the third Mrs. Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller. I don’t know why but I find both of these pregnancies hilarious. Jenna Jameson…a mom? What is she going to teach her kid? How to pole dance and get naked? Haha. And Brooke, oh Brooke. You’ve only been with Charlie a couple months and you already want his baby? I don’t know if that screams Money money or just money, haha. But hey maybe I’m being mean and both these ladies will be fabulous moms…ummmmaybe?
  • In other celeb mom news, the uber fabulous Gwen Stefani gave birth to another baby boy last week named Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. Now just let that one sit with ya. Take that in. Do you not think of the glorious Zima when you hear that? However plenty of people have explained and theorized the reasons behind the name, so pick for yourself the meaning of little Zuma’s name. At least he’s part of one of the most fabulous families of music awesomeness.
  • Now if you have eaten lunch recently I advise that you don’t watch this video. I’m not even going to embed it here it’s too horrendous. It’s scary. It’s ugly. It’s gross. It’s gag enducing. It’s Heidi Montag’s new music video. Ahhhhhrun for the hills! (haha, get it?). Well I guess it’s better than her first attempt at a video, “Higher”, but it’s still awful. So don’t blame me if you hurl up your lunch after that, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  • In other Hills news….um. I don’t know. I haven’t seen this week’s episode!!! The blashpemy! But I do know that the Hills stars make more money that I do and that Whitney is in NYC with some hottie schmottie. How about the Greek premiere? Ah! Missed that one too! Frick! Ah so is life with no internet or cable yet…hopefully this weekend Matt and I will get it, I can only go so long. At least I have plenty of movies to keep me company.
  • In other reality TV news, apparently American Idol wanted to spice things up for next season and have added another female judge to the panel. I seriously hope this woman is as crazy as Paula then maybe I’d start watching it again, haha. Another reality show that is making it’s way back is Dancing with Stars who officially announced the new lineup for next season. You can check it all out here. Now I don’t really watch the show and only voted once when Mel B was on because clearly I heart her but I may have to watch just for Misty May-Treanor. Yay volleyball!
  • Moving on. Hayden Panitierre stole my birthday outfit idea. I’m not even kidding.

    I totally plan on rocking shimmery gold stuff and a ridiculous hat on my birthday next year, I mean who wouldn’t? haha.

  • Okay so I also posted Hayden in her bathing suit to appease some of my male readers because I am totally about to go uber girly on you and swoon one of my favorites….Joshua Jackson. Seriously, I heart him. HEART him. And apparently last night was some soiree for Fringe and he looked just dashing and on top of that gave one uber cute interview with InStyle, love.
    Isn’t he just so freaking cute? Yeah I thought so too. :)

  • So I’m reading The Notebook and I’m almost done and I can’t decide if I like it better than the movie or not. I don’t know, there are definitely some diferences and there are scenes the movie explores more than the book and vice versa but I can’t make up my mind just yet. I’m still up in the air about the Devil Wears Prada versus the book too. Have you guys read and seen both books and movies? What do you think?
  • I don’t usually get political on here because I’m not really a political person. But it’s almost impossible to not be interested in this year’s election and what have you. And on that note I just wanted to share the link to Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention because seriously if she was to become First Lady, I think I’d be okay with that. Great speech Michelle!

And that’s all I got today folks. Anythig else happenin I missed in the Hollywoodsphere?

happy wednesday!