The keys to grownupness.

What a weekend! As you all know I moved this weekend and man was it crazy. I don’t even know how to do it all justice. That and I’m exhausted and still can’t really put a whole bunch of words together coherently. So instead I bring you bullet points, woo!


  • Matt and I went to sign the lease and got the keys! Woo!
  • Matt went to his place to pack up, I went to my parent’s for dinner (yummy free food).
  • Mom and I hit up the mecca of moving, Tarjay for some cleaning essentials for the place.
  • We cleaned a bit, organized a bit, got the place ready for the big day.
  • And of course we took a picture because I couldn’t stop smiling :
  • Matt and some friends came over with a big load of his stuff.
  • Moving party, moving party!
  • All go home for lots of sleep before the big day!


  • The Big Day!
  • Wake up early(ish). Finished up packing my room up, took the pictures off the wall.
  • Started loading up my car and my dad’s truck. Best part of the day, my dad asks me if I have it all loaded up, I said “yes” confidently. Then he goes “What about the clothes in your closet?”. “Oh yeah, that’d be good to have”, haha. Good thing my mom’s car was empty, hello new closet.
  • Moving became a family affair, my parents, brothers and I all headed to the new place and unload all my stuff. Matt and the guys showed up a little later with all the big stuff.
  • The moms were awesome and cleaned all our dishes and put them away for us while the boys all brought in the big stuff. It was quite the team effort.
  • A couple hours later the moving crew left (except the family team) and my dad went to get us all In-N-Out (heaven!)…seriously it was amazing. We worked up quite the appetite moving.
  • My aunt showed up later with muffins (gotta love the family close by) which was awesome.
  • Later after everyone was gone except me I turned up the Britney full blast and was dancing around the place with a lei on my head and cleaning up, it was awesome.
  • Mid dance party my aunt, uncle and cousins showed up with a housewarming gift, so incredibly sweet. Got to give them the tour and show them around the unmade place.
  • Matt came back later and we hung out a bit, enjoyed using the word “roomie” and then we were off again and went out to dinner.
  • After dinner came back hung out with my sis and her friends, watched some TV and had some drinks, it was loverly.
  • Finally called it a night and went to bed in the newwwwwwww place, woo.


  • Yesterday felt almost as busy as Saturday, Matt went to IKEA with his mom and I hit up Tarjay, Bed Bath and Beyond and Wallmart with my mom. It felt like I shopped all day long and still didn’t get everything we need, haha.
  • I got home way before Matt since he had his Fantasy draft last night, so I indulged in way too many girly movies over the day. I’m not even kidding. In the morning I watched Mrs. Doubtfire then later I watched The Notebook with Megan. After Megan left I went and grabbed some food at VONS then came back to be uber girly and watched Crossroads (oh yes the Britney movie, I own it and I am not ashamed, haha). And then I ended the night with Bend it Like Beckham. Seriously I’m a movie fiend. That and we don’t have cable yet so I’m pretty much stuck with DVDs, haha.
  • Matt came home mid Beckham and relaxed for a bit with me until the urge to build some DVD towers kicked in, haha.

All in all it was a good weekend, a tiring one, but good nonetheless. Basically we have the best friends and family ever. So a big thanks to them for helping so much, otherwise I don’t think we could have done it all. We still have a lot to do to make it feel totally like ‘home’ but we’re making progress one day at a time. And I know I said I would include some pictures but I want to wait til things are a little more permanent looking.

But here’s one to end the post on, the new roomies proudly displaying our key, woo!

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!