The Loves and No Loves of moving.

Tonight is the beginning of the rest of my life. Haha. Okay not so much. I just wanted to sound uber serious. But no really, Matt and I get to sign the lease and get the keys to our apartment Tonight! Tonight! As in hours from now. As in ohmyeffingeeee we’re moving tomorrow!

And with that I was going to use today to write some uber sappy post about moving out of my parent’s house and growing up and starting a new chapter in my life, but let’s be honest, I’m not too sappy. Okay scratch that I cry at commercials for pete’s sake, yes I am sappy. But do I write sappily? Not so much.

So instead I present you with my love/not to love lists of moving out.

My parent’s house:
Love: Rent free, free food, free laundry, free car washes (thank you little brothers).
Not to love: Ummmnothing about free can be wrong.

Love: Little brothers to play board games with, watch cartoons with and keep me young.
Not to love: The same little devils that bug the ever living crap out of me.

Love: Coming home to dinner waiting for me.
Not to love: I get home so late my family never waits to eat with me.

Love: A big nice bathroom with a hot shower and a fantabulous medicine cabinet that fits all of my stuff.
Not to love: Sharing it with little brothers who constantly leave toothpaste on the sink or clothes on the floor, oy.

Love: Our ginormous television.
Not to love: The lameo DVD player that always skips on movies.

Love: Watching TV with the ‘rents. (surprise, surprise, I watch TV, haha)
Not to love: Watching the Hills with my dad and explaining why I love the show.

Love: Asking my mom or sister for clothing advice.
Not to love: I mean what’s not to love about that? Everyone needs a second opinion from other females.

Now obviously there are tons of things to love (and not love) about living at home with a big family, but those are just a few.
Now for my next adventure of not only moving out of my parent’s house but moving in with a boy, here’s what I think….

A la apartment with Matt:
What I’m going to Love: Living with Matt! I mean really I practically live with him now and now I won’t have to schlep my stuff over to his parent’s house every other night, woot.
What I probably won’t Love as much: I don’t know really. Maybe just the future squabble that will happen when I want to watch Greek and he’d rather shoot himself than watch such ridiculousness, haha.

What I’m going to Love: Grocery shopping!! Seriously it’s wrong how excited I am to go grocery shopping again. I haven’t food shopped for myself in two years and I can’t wait to do it again. Wheat Chex and Bagel Bites here I come! :)
What I probably won’t Love as much: Paying for said groceries. Damn. Why can’t they just pay for themselves, sheesh.

What I’m going to Love: Decorating! Even if I seemed nervous about it I know that it will turn out wonderfully and together Matt and I will find our inner Martha’s to create a masterpiece of awesomeness, haha.
What I probably won’t Love as much: How much I’ll second guess myself and how angry my wallet will be with me.

What I’m going to Love: Sharing a bathroom with one boy, a boy that is twenty four and not twelve or eleven.
What I probably won’t Love as much: Matt leaving the seat up? Granted I don’t even know if he does that now. And I really won’t mind that much, I just have to put it down. Compromises people, compromises.

What I’m going to Love: Having all of our DVDs out on display! Yes people, it’s the little things and my DVDs have been living in a box under my bed and I can’t wait for them to shine in all their movie glory, woo.
What I probably won’t Love as much
: Finding a place to put them all (we probably have 200 between us) without overdoing it.

What I’m going to Love: Meeting our neighbors! Don’t ask me why, but having new neighbors just seems so cool. Hopefully they can handle us, haha.
What I probably won’t Love as much:
If they’re crabby people that don’t smile or say “hi.” That is just not acceptable (granted it would make for good blog material, I kid, I kid, haha).

What I’m going to Love: Having people over! Seriously I can’t wait to have friends over again. It just never really happened as much while I was living at home. You can’t really pre party at a house with twelve year olds present, haha. And hell just to have friends over to watch TV without the interruption of five other people, oh yes it will be awesome.
What I probably won’t Love as much
: I don’t know what I can’t love about that!

Same as above I know there are probably so many things I am going to love and things I won’t love when I move out, but these are just a few of the big ones that are on my mind.

What I’m trying to say here (without bringing on total sap) is thank you. Thank you family for not kicking me out when I got back from college two years ago and being totally awesome. And of course I love you. Love Love Love, basically lots of love. And as much as I whine and rant you truly are the most chaotic yet fantastic family ever.

and just think we’re only five minutes away…so laundry next weekend? :)

I mean really how can you say no to these faces?? :)

happy weeekend all!