Hollywood with a side of drama.

For today’s Hollywood recap I bring you some music, some sad news, some drama news, some baby pics and all around randomness. Enjoy!

  • So last night Matt and I went to the Dave Matthews Band concert with Matt at Staples Center and it was a great show. However the show was overshadowed by a very sad event, the band’s amazing saxaphone player LeRoi Moore passed away earlier in the day. I honestly don’t know how the band kept on playing, but playing they did, for two and a half hours and dedicated every song to LeRoi. Everyone in the band was dressed in black and they played every one of his favorites and Dave added in small anecdotes about him throughout the show and it was just so touching. I think everyone at Staples cried at some point, hell I got teary. LeRoi you were one amazing musician and you will definitely be missed:

  • In happier news, the Hills is back. Granted I haven’t quite decided if that’s a good thing yet since I may break my television by the end of the season. Seriously this show drives me nuts. First of all Lo, stop being a bitch. I mean really. I know Audrina has some odd friend but no need to be so mean about it. Secondly, Whitney I love you. Always and forever you are my favorite. Thirdly, Doug you are cute but really don’t act dumb, you know what Lauren’s been up to the past couple years, ummm she’s been everywhere dumass. Fourthly, Heidi don’t say you don’t want your family all up in your relationship business because all they have to do is flip on the TV or open up a magazine, honestly, don’t be so dumb. Fifthly, Holly your hair is not cute and you are a worse actor than Heidi and that’s hard to beat. Sixthly, I love this show. For a very detailed account of the show check out Angela’s recap, she covers it much better than I do.
  • Babies, Babies, Babies. They’re everywhere! For starters, I think the Hanson brothers are trying to take over the world. I am not even kidding. Taylor Hanson and his wife are expecting their fourth child, fourth child people! That will bring the total amount of Hanson offspring to seven! What is going on? Seriously. I wonder if they sing “MmmmBop” to put their kids to bed….that would be awesome.
  • Another cute baby who we haven’t seen in a while is little Matilda Ledger. She just looks precious riding her scooter with mama Michelle (yeah I totally wrote Jen first, oh I miss Dawson’s Creek) looking on:

    Even more precious is that Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Collin Farrell have all donated their paychecks for finishing Heath’s last movie to little Matilda. Gotta love good guys with good intentions.

  • And one last bebe to round out the day, little Suri was caught having some in depth conversation with her doll yesterday. Cuuuuute. Wonder what they were talking about?

  • Update to the baby department: My faves Jen and Ben have officially confirmed bebe numero dos is on the way! Not like there was any way to hide it. But still, yay! Violet will be the best big sistah ever. :)
  • Okay moving on from all the cute baby talk…how about sports, that’s pretty non-girly right? So in case you’ve been living in a hole Michael Phelps has officially become the most decorated Olympian around. And they already have a magazine cover to prove it:

    Congrats Michael! You’ve made the US proud. Now no more DUI’s okay?

  • And of course I have the WTF news of the day….Apparently Hasbro felt the need to catch up with the times and they updated the most amazing board game ever, Clue. Why would they do this? I don’t know. I guess the mysterious people in the game of Clue needed first names, super powers and scandalous backgrounds. I don’t know. I’m not buying it.

  • And one more WTF story of the day. Some freaking weirdo from Puerto Rico died recently and requested that he not be put in his coffin at the memorial, but rather standing up straight for the ceremony. And they did it! Ahhhhcreeeeepy. I’m not posting a picture of it but feel free to check out the whackness here, wow.

And that’s all the news I got today folks. Anything crazy I missed out there? Leave it in the comments.

happy wednesday!