You can’t miss being a Swiss.

This is what my weekend is looking like and I can’t wait…

driving (well technically Matt is driving) here

with these crazy kids

to hang with my ginormous family

that has a plethora of cute kids

and awesome older kids that do ridiculous things, haha

to celebrate our Swiss-ness

with other Swiss people

and do the chicken dance
(I’m not even kidding, haha)

and drink some grappa
(I’m Swiss Italian, best of both worlds, haha)

and have one wonderous weekend!

Basically it’s going to be awesome, haha. I love my family and our crazy ways. Hope you all have a most fabulous weekend and I’ll be thinking of you while I get my chicken dance on, oh yeah, hot stuff. Tune in Monday for one fantabulous guest blogger and I’ll be back Tuesday, woo!

happy friday it’s really friday friday! :)

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