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by katelin on August 14, 2008

So I thought today I would take a page out of fabulous Jenn’s book and highlight some of the fabulous things going on around the blogosphere. Enjoy!

  • Janet seriously knows how to prep for a fabulous girl’s weekend. Color me jealous.
  • I love ice cream. I mean who doesn’t? And according to Jamie there is an ice cream place in Chi Town that makes it liquid nitrogen style….crazay!
  • Seems like wishcake is the latest blogger who’s writing has been plagiarized. Seriously people this needs to stop.
  • Vanessa is having a giveaway for the Onion movie which is pretty funny because that was one of my campaigns, haha. Anyhoo, go enter!
  • Dana is also having a giveaway for Cabana Life clothing. Looks pretty schnazzy, so go check it out!
  • I really wanted to go camping this summer, but unfortunately that just didn’t happen. However I will continue to camp vicariously through Sarah’s amazing pictures. I love it.
  • Maxie’s coworker doesn’t know how to use Google. I am stunned.
  • Today is mcgee’s birthday, so head on over and wish her a most fabulous birthday!
  • Luckily I am not the only person who has somehow managed to become obsessed with the Olympics and develop and itsy bitsy crush on a certain swimmer and his abs, haha, Ashley is so there too.

And that’s all I got today folks. Any other fun stuff happenin around the blogs? Post it in the comments. Woot.

happy almost friday but really still thursday!

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