An OMG kind of weekend.

OhEmGeee you guys. No seriously OMG!

This weekend was more than awesome and let me tell you the oh so many ways why.

Thursday. Matt got tickets for us to see Wicked! My favorite! Ah! It’ll be my third time seeing it and I’m just as excited as I’ve been every other time I’ve seen it, haha. I know, I’m a huge dork.

Friday. Oh Friday. Friday was awesome for four reasons:
1. it was Friday, can’t really beat that.
2. it was pay day.
3. work ended early to celebrate some birthdays, say bon voyage to one coworker and basically another excuse to drink some beers and have some cake.

and drumroll please….the most important and fabulous news of Friday was…..
4. I got the call and Matt and I have an apartment!?!?!?! ! Did you read that? Get all of that?! The all mighty and exhausting apartment hunt has come to an end and Matt and I are officially moving! Apparently all my dancing and praying to the rental gods paid off, wahoo! :)

So yeah the rest of Friday was spent celebrating via champagne toasts with my parents, doing a happy dance every once and a while and calling ourselves “roomie” throughout the night. It. Was. Fabulous.

Saturday. Woke up early, did some celebratory shopping at Old Navy and got more clothes that I don’t need but ultimately rationed with myself that I did. Went back home to help send the parents and brothers on a week long trip to Oregon (oh happy days a quiet house). After hanging out and watching some of the Olympics Matt and I headed to Whittier to have our long awaited “Drink Day” with AJ and some of his friends. And yeah the title pretty much sums it up, we drank beer all day long, haha. We even played beruit (or beer pong whatever you call it) and although I sucked royally, it was still fun to pretend like we were in college again.

Matt wasn’t a fan of me blinding him with the flash before taking his shot

neither was AJ

but they still posed for pictures for me

After lots of drinking we headed across the street to Red Robin’s for some surprisingly delicious food and a pretend birthday for AJ.

After dinner we proceeded to continue drinking beer all night long and watching the Olympics with various games of beruit thrown in there for good measure, all around one superb evening.

Sunday. After lounging around at AJ’s for a bit in the morning Matt and I headed to Huntington Beach. Matt needed sunglasses and I needed a bathing suit, we were on a mission. And luckily mission was accomplished, woo. The we grabbed some fabulous Hawaiin BBQ the Aloha Grill and man was it delicious. So delicious I had to document it.

rum runners=fantabulousness
Matt enjoyed his rainbow drink as well
all sorts of Hawaiin goodness

Seriously the food and the drinks, a great top off to a lovely afternoon. Afterwards we headed back to my house where I took the most glorious of naps ever (and man did I need it). And the rest of our night was spent watching doing a puzzle, enjoying some Papa John’s Pizza, drinking wine and cheering on Team USA. It was my kind of night.

All in all it was my kind of weekend, good news, good friends and lots of fun. And ha, this is what the Universe had to say to me today:

The greatest gift a parent can give a child, Katelin,
is the ability to become independently happy.
And the greatest gift a child can give a parent
is exercising that ability.

The Universe

Now I don’t know if that’s referencing my future move out, but hey why not? I’m happy about it, woo!

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!