I’m bringing busy back.

Seriously could I get any cornier with that title? Probably not. Moving on. Well as you can tell by the title I did not have a ‘no plans weekend’ like last weekend, I had a very full, very fun, and slightly busy weekend. Sit back, relax, make yourself a drink and I’ll get started:

Friday oh Friday. The day went by slower than most at work and I counted down the hours until it was time to leave. Afterwards I headed to Old Town to grab dinner with Megan and Katrina, seriously the three of us hadn’t hung out in forrrrrever.

the three amigos on my birthday

And it was awesome. Catching up with best friends, talking in person (as opposed to gchat), having lovely wine, tasty sushi, definitely the recipe for a fun night. After dinner Megan and I headed to over to a karaoke bar in Burbank called Dimples to meet up for my friend’s birthday. Now if you know me you know that I don’t do karaoke if I’m sober. So when I got dragged up on stage to sing “Lady Marmalade” with the ladies I was not too enthused. However, there were costumes involved and that made it all that much better (even if we did sound horrendous and forgot half of the lyrics)

trying to sing “Lady Marmalade”

me, megan and the birthday girl on stage

the official Dimples picture

So it wasn’t as awful as I thought it was. But it was cool that they gave us all those schnazzy pictures and a DVD to remember our embarrassment, haha.

lora (the birthday girl), matt, gianni and me

megan and me, woo

gianni’s bowling shoes from 1970, yeah i took a picture, haha

So all in all one fantastic evening. They even provided birthday champagne and a shot and more pictures and awesomeness and I pretty much loved the place. Oh, oh, oh and I had a “celebrity sighting”….Rob Fukasaki….aka the sports guy on ABC 7 news, haha. Yeah we partied together…not really, but still it’s funny to say, haha.

Saturday. Matt and I took on the world of rentals again and checked out like twelve more apartments (and actually liked three of them) all over town. It was fun and I felt so grown up, but at the same time it was so dang exhausting. We applied to one place today and who knows what will happen, I just hope the gods of rentals will look happily upon Matt and I and give us some good luck soon, I’d love to move out before next year, haha. Basically that took up most of our day until the late evening when we headed to my friend’s going away party…Yeah I know what you’re thinking, apparently she didn’t get the letter I just wrote, pshaw, whatever. So yeah we partied and had some fun, went home later and watched Gone in 60 Seconds and drank with my sister and her boy toy at Matt’s house and had a lovely evening.

Sunday. Sunday. Sunday. Slept in (maaaaan was that awesome) and went about town applying to an apartment, grocery shopping and finally ending back up at Matt’s house for some swimmin. Basically it was a lazy afternoon, perfecto. And we had my family over to Matt’s house so Matt and I could cook (well Matt could BBQ and I could make some mashed potatoes…yeah difficult I know). All in all it worked out well and dinner was tasty and our families got to have some relaxing time together.

So that was my weekend. Not as crazy as usual, but not as lazy as last weekend. In a nutshell, it was nice and I liked it, haha.

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!