I stand and they win.

So there are two things I want to cover today. One: Stand Up To Cancer. and Two: the winnnnnner(s) of the oh-so-awesome weirdest gift giveaway!

Stand Up To Cancer. I hadn’t really heard too much about it besides the celebrity filled commercial until the fabulous Tara asked me to submit a picture for the cause and I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Cancer has affected my family in more ways than I’d like to admit and is currently affecting my friends families as well, so anything I can do to help, I want to. So this is my submission….I stand for….

And what do you stand for?

And now on to not so serious things, the winners! My sister took her job as judging committee quite seriously and decided based on a few things she said…and I quote”if they wanna know what i used to critique their gifts, it was based on how they explained the story, and the irony and pure weird factor (no, not bitterness) of the story.” So there ya have it folks…and who did my sister pick?

Drumroll please…….

Coming in third is Dan Mega who submitted this gem:
An urn with ashes in it, and I didn’t know whose they were.

And in second place we have robin_titan with:
when i was in second grade we all had a secret santa and i forgot what i gave considering how my mom shopped for the gift herself because i’m not a good gift giver, not even at that age, so…someone gave me a really really really bad gift. i recieved a wrapped up pen TOP, a pen TOP, and what was worse that that, yeah worse, was that it was all chewed up(eww!!) that’s it no pen no nice christmas gift, just an old chewed up icky pen top.
it was the worst present i have ever gotten.

and taking the cake with first place we have Therapeutic Ramblings with:
“Chlamydia Trachomatis” stuffed animal. Nothing says fun like getting a plushie animal modeled after a VD microbe!


Congrats to the winners!And thanks to everyone for participating, my sister and I had a great time reading your stories, you guys really have gotten some random ass stuff, haha.

Hope you all have a most fabulous weekend!

happy friday!