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by katelin on July 31, 2008

  • Why has the Sparkletts man not come? I need my H20, Stat!
  • I hope the Dodgers pull out a win tonight, it’s been too long since I’ve gone to a game that they’ve won.
  • I can’t believe how many people have entered my giveaway! Woo to joining a carnival. My sister’s going to have a hard time picking a winner. But keep entering, the winner will be posted tomorrow!
  • Showtunes are my weakness. Seriously. I have been listening to South Pacific, Wicked, Mama Mia!, Phantom of the Opera, Newsies, Anything Goes, Hairspray and any other musical clips I can find on YouTube, it’s so addicting. And makes me want to dance!
  • Is it September yet? I can’t wait for my shows to come back, they had such good finales! But more importantly I can’t wait for Joshua Jackson’s show, Fringe! Ah! I don’t really even know what the heck it’s about (the synopsis makes no sense to me) but you better know I’ll be watching it’s season premiere, woo Josh!

  • So much stuff going on this weekend, so much to keep track of… so not another ‘no plans weekend.
  • Do I smell muffins? Muffins? Are you taunting me? Who has muffins?
  • Aaaand this is why I don’t like wearing jeans in the summertime, it’s too dang hot. But alas, night game = cold = need to wear pants.
  • Good hair day? Why yes, yes it is. Score!
  • Since when did I become a Twitter fiend?
  • “Keep Moving, Forward!”…yes I fell asleep watching Meet the Robinsons and that little message keeps floating into my brain, not too shabby.

happy thursday!

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