A no plans weekend.

So this past weekend was unlike any weekend I’ve had in a long long time. I simply went with the flow. There were no real plans of any sort and ohemgeee was it amazing. I highly recommend this kind of weekend, I feel like it does a body good (sort of like milk, but oh so much better, haha)

So Friday at work was pretty amazing. We had a taco stand come and we all hung outside for lunch. Then a couple hours later we had a happy hour at work drinking Pacifico and some other beer I had never tried and man was it awesome. The whole office just seemed at ease and not stressed (and hell why should we? it was Friday and we were having beer). After work I headed over to Matt’s house where we had no plans. No plans whatsoever. It was lovely. We decided to head out to dinner and went here, where my every part of my meal had some sort of cheese involved and I’m pretty sure my arteries were fully clogged by the end of it, haha, but man was it worth it. Afterwards we headed back to his dad’s house, enjoyed some wine and TV before headin to bed…talk about lovely.

Saturday oh Saturday. Matt and I started the all and mighty apartment search! Squeeee. I felt like such a grown up looking at places (if even just from the outside) and calling landlords. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see too many places, but we did nix a bunch so that helped. And we have a whole new list to check out for this week/weekend, so we are set and I am excited. After an afternoon of apartment searching I was beat. So we basically spent the night in, hanging out, drinking wine, having dinner and watching some movies. We also watched some of Matt’s family videos…basically hilarious. Matt and his brothers were some creative kids. And in a nutshell, my kind of night.

Sunday was just as lovely. My only planned event of the weekend, my youngest brothers birthday party. A very fun time hanging out with family, eating pizza, cupcakes, and all sorts of other junk (oh yes I went to the gym today, haha). After the familypalooza and a nice little nap, I went to see Mama Mia! with my mom, Matt and his mom. It was such a fun movie. Although I probably would have rethought some of the singing choices (ummmPierce?) I thought it was a good time. And how awesome would it have been to be a costume designer on that one?! I mean all the sparkles and glitter and ruffles!? Amazing! It would be like Halloween all day long! And the songs…yeah I can’t get “Dancing Queen” out of my head, haha. I guess it’s not a bad one to have in there since all I want to do is dance around now…and go to Greece.

So anyhoo that was my weekend and although I have no pictures or went to any crazy parties, it was perfect and just what I needed. And how was your weekend?

oooh and I’m guest blogging over at well-intentioned heartbreaker’s place today where I ramble about posts that could be posts, weird I know. So check. it. out.

happy monday!