Dear Friday.

Hey friends,
Stop moving okay? I mean really I go to school in Ohio for four years and I come back home and nooooow you all decide to move out of Los Angeles, what the hell!? And seriously, who moves to Dubai or Tucson anyways? Sheesh. So other friends, no moving allowed.


A girl that’s getting lonely

Dearest Jen and Ben,
Congrats! Although you have yet to confirm that there is a bun in the oven, I can no longer contain my excitement and am so happy to see little o Violet be a big sister. I know she will be just as fabulous as I was. And hey, if you need a babysitter now I am totally available.

Your biggest non-stalker admirer

Yo junk food,
Stop tasting so damn good so I can stop eating you okay? Got it?

Awesome. Thanks.

A girl trying to lose some stinkin weight

Dear 24 Hour Fitness,
I love you. I hate you. I love you.

The end.

The same girl trying to lose some stinkin weight

Dear Matt,
I am sorry I jumped at nearly every scene in the Dark Knight and that I still haven’t stopped talking about it. Additionally, thank you for being awesome.


Hey closet,
Please replenish yourself okay? I really don’t have time to go shopping but I’d really like some new clothes. So can you shop for yourself today? No? You can’t? Sheesh. Fine then.

Old Navy and Forever 21’s walking ad

Heyyyyyy Friday!
What’s up?! Took ya long enough? I hope you know you need to be awesome. I have high expectations here, so don’t let me down okay? Sweet thanks.

Your bigggggest fan :)

happy weekend!