My faves of Hollywooooood.

Oh it’s Tuesday and man do I have some Hollywood news today. And go!

  • So I was all psyched and ready to share my quasi review of the Dark Knight until I went onto this morning and saw that my beloved Christian Bale was freaking arrested!?!?! Noooooooooo. Apparently he reportedly verbally assaulted his mother and sister (WTF?!?!?!?!) but no formal charges have been made. Hmmmm. That is weird and not cool and ah, sad.

    But that doesn’t mean I didn’t love the movie. After a full freaking year of anticipation, the movie I was beyond excited for finally came out. And the final result: AMAZING. Not even kidding, the movie lived up to every expectation I had and didn’t have and I was in no way disappointed. Hell it even kept me on the edge of my seat, literally. You can ask Matt, I was jumping and gripping on to him more times than I could count, I was that freaked out. Yeah if anything this movie was way more creepy and dark than I would have envisioned but man was it good. And Heath!?! Oh wow. He played one scary ass psychopath (shudders). I was seriously freaked out, even after the movie was done. And obviously I’m not the only person who thought this movie was so good since it broke seven different movie records. Woot.

    Anyhoo I know this isn’t much of a review, but I don’t want to give anything away. Just know that I give it two really big thumbs up and highly recommend you get your butt out there and watch it! Stat!

  • In other movie related news, looks like I could get a new job. Looks like both Epert and Roeper are leaving “At the Movies with Epert and Roeper.” Um. How does that work? Haha. But hey guys, if you need someone to see sneak peeks of movies and try and review them, give me a call okay? :)
  • The Hills. Oh they are back. I was flipping through channels last night and just happened to catch the preview for season 4 of the Hills and all I have are two words: Oh Man. I hate this show, but I love it and then I’ll probably scream at my TV. August 18th the drama returns and you can bet my DVR will be set, oy.

    In other Hills news, apparently Heidi and Spencer are trying to pull some strings with the McCains and get on over to Iraq to perform for the troops. Um. Um. Now I don’t want to be mean…oh wait yes I do. Are you freaking serious?!?! I like Michael K’s idea better, send them to Guantanamo bay and lose the key. Gah.

  • In other sad news, Estelle Getty from the Golden Girls passed away early this morning. So very sad, she was awesome and will be missed.

  • So the rumors have been swirling lately that my fave Hollywood family is about to expand and although there have been no official statements Jen has been wearing a lot of baggy clothes and strategically placing Violet over her stomach. Annnnd Victor Garber did say she’s about 5 months pregnant, and he is a close family friend and was the officiator in her wedding, so why would he make it up, hmmmm? A new sibling for Violet? I do not object :)

  • Remix! Perez just posted a remix to Maroon 5 and Rihanna’s fantabulous song “If I Never See Your Face Again” and I can’t decide if I like it or not? It’s pretty clubby and peppy. And it’s sort of hard to top the original, but you decide. Like it or pass?
  • So I finished the Nanny Diaries this weekend when I was stuck in the San Fransisco airport and I give it two thumbs up. Definitely better than movie except for the ending. I think I liked the ending of the movie a little better. However I did want to smack Nan more than once in the book, yeah I get way into stories. And last night I started reading the Devil Wears Prada, another book version of a movie I’ve already seen. So far it’s pretty funny and I have a feeling I’ll love it, so I’ll make sure to let you know.

and that’s about all I got today, just craziness! Anything I missed? Feel free to add it to the comments. Woot.

happy tuesday!