I need another nap.

So usually my Monday posts consist mainly of weekend updates and pictures and ridiculous stories, and oh don’t you worry this Monday is no different. However I do need to interject some Hollywood scoop and a big WTF first. So unless you’ve been living in a hole, you heard that Angelina Jolie gave birth to the bebes this weekend, sweet, awesome, congrats. Now I know it’s exciting she had the babies but is it really necessary to freaking show off their birth certificates, camp out around her hospital and hold another stinkin press conference tomorrow to talk about who knows what?!? I mean really, leave the family alone, sheesh.

Okay, end rant.

So this weekend was a busy one, per usual. I don’t have nearly as many pictures as usual, but maybe that’s because I was melting (seriously, it was so ridiculously hot and sticky here). Anyhoodle here we go.

Friday: First of all, thanks to the fabulous Tipp for taking over the blog and writing such a fun post, I loved it, here are my guys: Josh Jackson, Christian Bale, Keanu Reeves, Keith Urban, supa. So I was off and about at Matt’s graduation from UTI, a hard year’s work paying off, seriously I’m so proud.

Me and the grad, woot woot

Matt and the guys that got him into cars

After his graduation we headed back to his house, relaxed a bit then BBQed and hung out with friends all night long. Definitely a good time.

Irish car bomb race

I didn’t really get too many pictures and I don’t know why, but just imagine a lot of beer drinking, going in the hot tub and some fantabulous food.

Saturday: Saturday oh Saturday. Talk about one busy ass day. I won’t bore you with all the details just a quick rundown. Wake up late (heaven), get ready, go help my sister (her car got broken into and her purse stolen, bastards!), clean out her car, pick up mom, go to family BBQ in blazing heat, go back to Matt’s house, take a wonderous nap, wake up, head to this place for my coworker’s bday, get some drinks, do some dancing, hang out with friends, see Cory Savage…oh wait, not his real name, see Ben Savage aka Cory from Boy Meets World, try to discretely take his picture, fail at taking picture, dance with friends, hang out, drink some more, have a great night, go home with Matt, see Ben stumbling in the distance, grab some In-N-Out, enjoy, eat, sleeeeeep.

The birthday boy drinking champagne

Steve and Karen’t last night in LA :(

The fabulous coworkers

Sunday: A day of nothing…sort of. Matt and I slept in, enjoyed the day a bit. I went home later and to the library (current read: The Nanny Diaries) and just hung out at home. My mom and I decided to get uber serious and watch The Pianist. I seriously had no idea what to expect with this movie, but wow, intense. Definitely a good movie though and I can see why Adrian Brody won Best Actor for it. Basically it’s about a Jewish family in Poland during WWII and furthermore one of the sons, a famous pianist, Wladystaw Szpilman and his story of survival. And of course now I am reading all about it because I love true story movies, haha. After that did some reading and headed to bed, whew.

So basically another ridiculously busy weekend of non-stopness but hey, I love it. And naps always help :)

Anyhoo, time to get back into the grind (for this short week) and start preppin for BlogHer. And thanks to everyone for the advice and emails and I’ll definitely be getting back to you soon, woo.

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!