Is it just me…

  • Or is it weird that Angelina’s OBGYN held a press conference today? She’s fine. Whew. Because you know, I was losing sleep about it. Shouldn’t we just let the woman rest and let them tell us when she has the babies? Yeah I thought so too…Buuuuut that doesn’t mean I can’t post a picture of Brad taking the girls to see their mom :)
  • Or is Gwen Stefani the best looking pregnant woman there is? I mean really, how can one woman look so happy and cute and ridiculously stylish while pregnant? It’s uncanny.

  • Or is it absolutely hysterical that on Monday Heidi Hobag said that she plans on releasing a Christian album? And then yesterday she goes and releases her newest “single” titled One More Drink? The Christians must be so proud.
  • Or does it need to be July 18th already? And if you don’t know what July 18th is you need to turn away from this blog right this instant. July 18th is the release date for the soon to be best movie of the summer…Batman: The Dark Knight. I seriously do not remember the last time I was so excited for one film, it’s ridiculous. This blog keeps me interested almost every day with all the new Gotham viral campaigns and seriously I just squee. And then I see new interviews and articles like the one in Parade magazine featuring Christian Bale, ah! Seriously the man rocks (he was in Newsies for crimeny sake!). Gah I can’t wait for this movie! (even though I’ll be at BlogHer when it comes out, you better bet I’ll be at the theater that weekend…so no spoiling it for me!)

  • Or does it not sound like a good idea to turn Friends into a movie? I don’t know, I loved the show but I just don’t see how it could make to the big screen. Just because SATC made it doesn’t mean they all will. Just sayin….
  • Or is fondue so much better with wine as a side? I went out with friends to this place last night and got two things of fondue, two bottles of wine and a crepe and my god it was delicious. I seriously need to go back.
  • Or is John and Kate Plus 8 the greatest show on TLC (next to What Not to Wear of course)? Ever since we got DVR at my house I have been recording that show non-stop. It’s just so funny to watch and the kids are freaking adorable! I definitely recommend it.
  • Or does Suri have more money in her hands than I do in my wallet? Oh to be a celebrity kid…

And that’s all I got today. Hollywood is sort of quiet today, crazy pants I know? And I’m off to listen to the Newsies soundtrack because I just can’t get it out of my head. Have a most fabulous day :)

happy wednesday!