My "first grown up" wedding.

So Philly. I know you’ve been on the edge of your seats anticipating what was surely the most ridiculous weekend ever. So I won’t hold back any longer. I now present you with the epic tale of Lucie and Justin’s wedding weekend:

Thursday: Well the adventures started around eleven in the morning at the Ontario airport when our itineraries weren’t showing up on the kiosk, yeah that’s always nice. After that little hiccup Matt, Katrina and myself made our way to the airport bar to wait for our flight. So we made flight numero uno to Salt Lake City and it was at this point I realized that I had left my brain in California. How do I know? Well as were descending on Salt Lake I look out the window and tell Matt “Wow there’s a lot of water here”, Matt just looked at me dumbfoundley and was like “Well yeah, look at what city we’re in”…I looked back not getting it until I said “Umm Salt…LAKE…oooooooh.” Yeah I’m a smart one. So besides that we made it to Philly around eleven at night and had a nice little adventure driving to our hotel in the middle of nowhere (aka Malvern, PA). And to top it all off there was traffic!? And lots of it! At midnight! On a Thursday! Come on PA, help a driver out and stop with the construction! Anyhoo, we made it to the hotel fine and had some mini bar drinks and had the most fabulous of sleep, whew.

Friday: Basically the day consisted of hanging around in the room, watching bad television until it was time to head to the rehearsal. Katrina, Matt and I were the first to arrive at the rehearsal location so of course we had to take some fun pictures to pass the time…

prom pose, haha
cheer pose!
yay we’re in pa!

After our photo session everyone else eventually showed up, including the bride and the rehearsal got under way.

the bride is quite the groper, haha

Afterwards we all piled into cars and off to the groom’s parents house for the rehearsal dinner. The weather was a little bipolar so the original plan of eating outdoors got moved into the barn due to some rain, but it was still a good time.

the 3 amigos
we got a little creative with the toys, haha

gorgeous sunset behind the barn

After the rehearsal dinner we headed back to our hotel bar for some drinks and some fun.

[And hilarious insert, I went to the front desk of the hotel earlier in the day to ask how late the bar was open and the woman responded “Until closing.” Yes she honestly said that. I continued to look at her and was like “Which is til when?”, and she said “Oh hold on, let me check,” silly lady. Seriously I think she may have already hit up the bar, haha. ]

One of my good friend from college actually lives in Philly so her and her boyfriend came to visit, as did one of Matt’s college friends. And we all had a grand ole time drinking, hanging out and just being awesome, haha…

me and Zoe!

Zoe and her bf, Matt
gotta love the Matts

Matt and Mike,
what silly guys

Saturday: Bring on the wedding! Saturday morning had to cure my mini-wineover with breakfast and a shower before heading to the salon with the fabulous bridesmaids. And before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the wedding! Ah!

the reception setup, gorgeous

all ready to go!

what good lookin guys…

and even better bridesmaids ;)

exchanging vows :)

hangin out at the head table…
check out that view

“hey everyone, come see how good we look!” :)

me and the beautiful bride

cutting the most delicious cake ever

the high school kids

the boys know how to get down

oh la la

Basically the wedding was awesome. Lots of drinks and dancing and all around a great time with great people. I seriously hope every wedding I go to is like this one, haha. Well I wish it was like this one besides the part where I got locked in a bathroom upstairs for five minutes. Yeah that was freaky, haha. But anyhoo, at sunset the fireflies came out! I was like a little kid I was so excited. We definitely do not have those in California and they are just so cool to see. Afterwards the party moved to the hotel bar where there were about three other wedding parties going on, meaning lots of drunk people. We all eventually retreated back to our rooms and slept the most glorious of sleep, haha.

Sunday: This day really went by too quickly. Got up earlyish to have brunch with everyone before heading back to Philly. Matt and I took a little excursion to the city where we ended up seeing Liberty Hall from afar and somehow ending up in New Jersey! Yeah it was an adventure alright. Eventually we made it back to the airport where our flight was uber delayed and by the time our connecting flight came we had to sprint through the Dallas airport to make it. And make it we did. And it was back home we went, happy for the married couple and exhausted beyond belief…

and that my friends was my first “grown up” wedding* :)

(all scheduled hollywood updates will return tomorrow…)

*and just to clarify, by “grown up” I mean I was actually in the wedding (not counting my tenure as a flower girl) and I’m really close to the bride, two big steps to grown upism, haha.

happy tuesday!