Doing that thing you doooo.

So I think this may one of the first weekends where I have no pictures to share of my adventures. So just use your imagination as I take you through my weekend in a nutshell.

Friday night. Got off work, went to Matt’s house. Had some fabulous chicken caeser lasagna, roasted tomato salad and garlic bread (yes Matt is a fabulous chef). After that we headed out to meet some friends for drinks, fabulous (I heart margaritas). From there Matt and I headed to this tiny hookah bar sort of place and met some other friends celebrating a birthday. Basically my friends were the only people in the place and were playing chess, haha, yes they are just that cool. However, right as Matt and I were walking in, who was right in front of us?! Del Paxton! Anyone? Anyone? Okay that’s not his real name. But does that name ring a bell? The all and mighty Del Paxton from That Thing You Do, aka Bill Cobbs. Yeah I thought it was pretty cool. And as soon I walked in my friends were like “Kate who was that?” because clearly spotting celebs is my specialty, haha. Anyhoo, after all that schnazzy stuff Matt and I headed home, drank some wine and watched a movie, basically. Fabulous.

Saturday oh Saturday. I can’t believe how productive I was. It was awesome. Paid bills, cleaned my car, printed out 117 pictures at Target (and only bought my pictures, a record of some sort I think), and cheered on my little brother at his basketball game, whew, tiring day. Later that night my whole fam (cousins, aunts, uncles) went out for my cousin’s birthday (same cousin whose party I went to last weekend) and the big surprise was that my cousin and her bf are engaged! Wahoo! I actually knew last weekend but couldn’t spill the beans since some family reads my little oh blog. But yay to them. I heart weddings! :)

The comes Sunday. Basically I slept in late, went to the gym, hung out by Matt’s pool with him and got some sun, napped, watched a movie, and before we knew it it was dinnertime and time to leave. A couple of our friends pitched together and got us a joint birthday present last month to go see A Chorusline at the Ahmanson. It was so good. Maybe not “The Best Musical. Ever” as the poster says (I clearly have that spot reserved for Wicked, but that’s just me) but it was still pretty entertaining and I think Matt have even enjoyed it, haha.

Well that was my weekend and it was fabulous. Woot.

And in other news. Two things. I’m wearing some shorts I bought like two months ago and they fit pretty well and today they are sort of falling off! Ah! Thank you ridiculous gym work out, haha. It’s kind of a hassle to have to keep pulling these shorts up, but I really don’t mind if I means I’m toning up. :)

And secondly, Violet has been absent from the public eye lately. But alas that changed today, yay! Here and the mommy and me twinsies walking around Massachusetts, presh:

Hope you all had a most fabulous weekend!

happy monday!