Oh Sun, I missed you. Oh college, I miss you.

So remember a week ago when I was whining about the ridiculously gloomy weather? Yeah well apparently the weather gods took pity on me and have given me this as today’s forecast:

Doesn’t that just make you happy? Ah. Sun. I love you.

Now if only I could just ditch work and go straight to the beach, then the day would be perfect, haha. I’ll just settle with eating my lunch and reading outside, sounds like a good way to absorb the day, woo.

Okay moving on from the weather, because really you can only say so much. My friend AJ just brought to my attention the fact that two years ago today we graduated college….ummmwtf?!?! How did that happen?!?! Now I know I have some readers that have been out of college much longer and are probably past the phase of wishing they were back, etc, but really for me it was seriously four of the best years of my life. Anyone that knows me knows how much I loved college, it’s sort of ridiculous, haha. There are so many stories I could share and people I could talk about, but instead I’ll just share some pictures from my college years to commemorate today (and I’ll try not to tear up I swear):

Freshman Year:
Hangin out on my roomie’s bed
and yes note my hot coat, haha.
The aftermath of one kickass snow fight
…of course the girls won
Sophmore Year
Roomies love their their Malibu

We were all about school spirit!

And theme parties, haha.

Limos are for winners (and birthdays!)

Junior Year
Who doesn’t love Christmas?

(seriously only one Junior year pic online?!
I swear we did more than just holidays that year, haha)

Senior Year
Jock Jams party at our place

We are so crazay

Seriously, who doesn’t love costumes?

And who doesn’t love huge drinks?

The best GDI family around

We made it to the Price is Right!

AJ and I straight BAMFs

Apparently graduating didn’t make us any more mature

Oh college, how I heart thee. I seriously have like five albums full of pictures from college because this was pre-digital camera and most pre-Facebook. These are just some of the best I could find. Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed my college montage, I know I did, haha.

Hope you all have a most fabulous Wednesday! Woo!

happy wednesday!