By the beard of Zeus! Happy Birthday Matt!

So I know my blog has just become so birthdayfull lately, but really, I can’t help it. I love birthdays, everyone’s birthdays. Birthdays are the best reasons to celebrate and have fun and get together with friends, I absolutely love it.

So today I bring you Matt’s birthday! I know we celebrated all weekend and we’re celebrating again on Saturday, but today is his actual birthday! Happy Birthday Matt!!!

Now I could take this time to get all cutesy schmutesy and mushy and write a lovey dovey post to Matt, but I’m saving that post for later. I was going to share a Matt story, but alas I can’t pin point just one that I really want to share. So instead I’m going to post some fun Matt facts, here goes:

  • Matt’s a lefty…so are polar bears….I call Matt polar bear (aww, cute).
  • He can tie a cherry stem with his tongue.
  • Matt can quote almost any movie he’s ever seen, even if he’s only seen it once, it’s uncanny. And Anchorman, oh man, he can dominate that movie.
  • He kicks ass at golf, but I actually beat him at putt putt, it was amazing.
  • He cried when Mufassa died, but then again who didn’t?
  • Matt is a ridiculously good chef, I will never starve when we live together, haha.
  • He has seen Dave Matthews Band in concert more times than I can count.

Well those are the facts, some of them at least, about the guy I love on his most fabulous 24th birthday. Wee!

happy birthday to the most amazing guy evah! :)

Mmmmm… I look good. I mean really good.
Hey everyone! Come and see how good I look!

happy tuesday!