Let’s pretend it’s Friday again.

So first of all let me take this time to wish you all a Happy Cinco de Mayo or Cinco de Drinko, whatever you prefer. I today will be celebrating the first one with some good ole Mexican food for dinner and giving my poor liver a break, I really don’t even know how much it can handle these days…and it wasn’t even my birthday!

However, it was Matt’s birthday celebration, so let’s not wait any longer and get to the weekend recap, woot! Friday night a bunch of friends went out to Howl at the Moon, which is one schnazzy dueling piano bar in City Walk for Matt’s birthday:

the guys got Matt a long island iced tea in a bucket, oh man

and gave him a little help

the word of the day truly was hookerism

steve rockin out

Everybody was rockin’ out

the ladiiiiies

me and the birthday boy!

the aftermath

Ah, good times, good times. Since Friday was so wild and crazy, Saturday Matt and I decided to take Saturday a little easy. Did some errands and what have you, I went to Target and picked up these fantabulous shoes (I’m sort of in love):

Aren’t they so cute?! Ah. Love.

And I got this movie:

Ah! Love even more!

So yeah, Saturday was nice and relaxing and had a lovely dinner in and watched the Mummy, it was fabulous. Sunday morning we woke up early to go to brunch with Matt’s family for his birthday and then headed off to the Pasadena Showcase House (Matt’s birthday present to me). It was so fun and amazing, as always. Basically this group takes ginormous houses and designates different rooms to different designers to do what they’d like with it and the results are phenomenal. I always like going and envisioning the house as my own or getting ideas for my own future dream house, it’s lovely really.

After that the afternoon was spent relaxing and napping until dinner at P.F. Chang’s with my family for Matt’s birthday part 3 or 4, haha I don’t really know. It was definitely a deliciously good time and fantastic end to one amazing weekend.

and how was your weekend?

happy monday!

ohemgeeee how could I forget!?!

Happy 27th Birthday to Craig David!!!!
Please come back to the U.S? Please?
Your biggest fan :)