Periwinkle thoughts….(I have no idea what that means)

I feel like using bullet points today. Is that alright? Why of course it’s alright, this is my blog, so here we go:

  • The weekend was fabulous. Besides the cloudiness it was relaxing and wonderous and just my kind of weekend. Friday night had dinner with Matt and watched some TV and went to bed early (my body was still jet lagged and ridiculous from my mid-week adventures).
  • Saturday ran some errands and saw the little bro kick ass in basketball, his team won 51-19…it was a little sad, haha. Saturday night went to dinner with some friends and had some fab Mexican food and watched Old School. Twas lovely.
  • Sunday ran some more errands and went to my house where Matt played catch with my brothers, worked on my dad’s car, while I got to hang out with my mom. We ended the night playing dominoes where Matt kicked everyone’s asses, but man was it fun.
  • I’m officially going to BlogHer ’08 in San Francisco. Hope to see you there!

  • In other random news, Danica Patrick became the first female to win an Indy car race. Now I definitely don’t follow Nascar at all, but the fact that Danica is finally kicking ass and taking names is something to talk about. So congrats Danica!
  • So I’m thinking I should tell my boss about this place and have our next company lunch overlooking the LA smog, haha.
  • If you didn’t know, Sandra Bullock is one of my most favoritest actresses around. Speed is my favorite movie. Keanu is my main man. Sandra is my best leading lady. So when I heard on the news this weekend that she was in a serious accident, you better bet my heart stopped. Some freaking idiot was driving with twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system and plowed into Sandra’s car. Luckily Sandra and her husband Jesse were okay, but man that is scary. Stay safe Sandra, stay safe!
  • Britney Spears is reprising her role on How I Met Your Mother. Granted that’s not that surprising since the episode she was on was the highest ratings the show has ever had. And speaking of HIMYM, watch it tonight, James Van Der Beek is guest starring!!! Ah, you know I love my Dawson’s kids.
  • And lastly in random bullet point news…who knew that LL Cool J had such cute daughters? I mean seriously, adorable.

Well besides all that random gibberish I feel like you should all know that my birthday is Friday and the invites are sent (via Facebook and email that is) and I’m ready to party! So don’t be surprised if the rest of my posts this week mention my glorious birth or some fabulous recap of birthdays past, haha.

Anyhoo time to get back to work, hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

happy monday!