As the World Happens.

What’s going on in the world* today, well let me tell you:

Ashlee Simpson and Pete “I’m so emo” Wentz are engaged. Big whoop. I think I liked Ashlee better when she was dating Ryan Cabrera, er maybe it’s just because I loved Ryan Cabrera. That is until he decided to look like this:

See what you did to him Ashlee!! Gah! Unforgivable!

So remember Clueless? Of course you do. Remember Dionne aka Stacy Dash? Yes, yes of course you do. Well did you know that she is 42!?! Seriously. She’s 42 and looks like this, good god I hope I look that good at 40 after having kids, sheesh.

We’ve already established that I am a 12 year old in a 23 year old’s body so it should come as no surprise that I was so freaking excited when I saw the Disney slate of movies to come out between now and 2012. I think I’m most excited for Toy Story 3, the first two were both so good and hold special meaning in my family, I can’t wait!

And I can’t forget a special birthday shout out to my girl Mandy. She really is awesome not only in her music but her interesting fashion choices and fantabulous movie roles (Saved! Hello, love it. And of course the tear jerking A Walk to Remember, presh).
So happy 24th birthday Mandy, you rock!

I really hope none of you are flying on American Airlines anytime soon because seriously, they canceled 900 more flights, 900! That’s insane. Seriously we’ll all have to resort to trains across the country again, crazy pants!

And I know you want to know what’s crackin in my life, so let me tell you: I went to the Roosevelt Hotel’s swanky poolside bar last night for a TechCrunch party, that was pretty fun. Got to meet some other internet savy people and what have you. The best part had to be that I actually gave my business card out…to someone other than my mom. (go me!). Haha, so that was definitely a good time.

And speaking of the internets: Twitter. Apparently it’s the next big thing, haha. And everyone’s doing it. So I guess I will too:
So Twitter me dangit!

*I say “world” loosely in that it’s basically “the world according to Katelin”, so enjoy! :)

happy thursday!

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