Audrina plays shortstop?

So I was planning on talking about the Hills today because usually that show is the perfect concotion for a hilarious post. However, last night I found myself wanting to throw something at Spencer (not unusual), making fun of Lauren for her ridiculous words of “beware!” to Audrina, commenting on how ridiculous Stephanie’s “crying” was, laughing at how fake Heidi’s lips and hair and boobs (let’s just say all of her) looked and basically how obvious it was that the whole “Teen Vogue doesn’t want to be associated with the show anymore and Lauren is going to go work at the same place Whitney is.” I hate this show so much but I ultimately love it, there’s no denying it. But alas, it is not going to be all I talk about today. So I am moving on. Hills begone for today!

Instead I am resorting to posting a video today because I am pretty dang business in the office. However, it’s not just any video…it’s the newest Improv Everywhere stunt. Now if you aren’t familiar with these guys then you are missing out. They’re the same group that is responsible for the Grand Central Freeze and the Food Court Musical. I think their stuff is pretty ingenius and I know I’d be amused if I saw it in real life. So for today, this fine Tuesday I leave you with the Best Baseball Game Ever, enjoy:

happy tuesday!