To Katelin with love.

Dear Katelin,
Happy Early Birthday! Enjoy a trip to North Carolina to see Wicked with your best friend in 11 days. No really, it’s on me. Have fun!


Wonderously fantastic :)

Your Tax Refund

To our biggest fan ever,
So sorry that we didn’t perform this morning. You know we had to hype things up a bit. But at least you can watch us talk and announce the soon to be amazing reunion tour. And even better, our website is fully up and functioning, so please enjoy it. So for now enjoy listening to Hangin Tough and Step by Step all day long and hopefully we’ll see you at our concert this Fall.

New Kids on the Block

To a girl who’s stuck in the 80s,
We’re glad you had fun catching up on 80s bands on YouTube yesterday, but we think you should share such wonderous finds (such as our number one hit) with your freaders, so here you go:

The Boys

ps. We really know how to gyrate.

Only eight more hours. You can do it. Just think about what you have lined up for tonight:




Catching up on TV


And tomorrow, a movie? paseo? the possibilities are endless. So get to it!

The weekend

happy weekend all!