I love to dislike on Mondays.

Love: I got out of work early on Friday, got paid and did some major retail therapy.
Dislike: I still didn’t get as much as I wanted (sad, I know).

Love: I finally watched Talk to Me. And loved it.
Dislike: I was so dang tired afterwards that I was barely able to pick up my book.

Love: Instead of going to the gym on Saturday I went to the beach. I heart California.
Dislike: Matt is still more tan than I am, this really needs to change, haha.

Love: Went out to a party with Megan on Saturday night, with great music and cheap(ish) drinks.
Strongly dislike: I was tired at like 1 and fell asleep in the car. Oh to be 21 again.

Love: The Easter bunny got me Enchanted and Starburst jell beans! Woo!
Dislike: The Easter bunny aka Mom also dragged me to 8:30 mass (after not getting home until 3). Yeah I was a zombie in church.

Love: Watching my little brothers hunt for Easter eggs.
Dislike: It probably won’t happen again since they’re getting a little too old for it.

Love love love: The plethora of Easter food and goodies yesterday with Matt and all my family.
Oh so strongly dislike: My stomach decided to go topsy turvy on me all day and all night. And is still going. What the hell!?!

Looooove: The Hills is back on tonight!!! Team Lo all the way!
Strongly dislike: Spencer and Heidi and their ridiculous shenanigans, gag. Look only if you haven’t eaten recently. And on top of that, the NY Post is calling Heidi a feminine hero…ummmmmWTF?

Loooooove deux: Greek is also back tonight!!!
Dislike: My house still doesn’t have DVR so I have to persuade my dad to record it at 5 since my cable is on East Coast time. Oh the horror!

Love: It’s Monday and this week has potential to be both chaotic and busy and fabulous and fun all at the same time. Woot!

What do you love or dislike today?

happy monday!