Here I am.

  • I will forever be a California girl.
  • I’m a democrat.
  • I’m voting for Obama.
  • Speed is my all time favorite movie.
  • I am pro-choice.
  • I am a selective Catholic.
  • I believe in reincarnation.
  • I watch bad reality TV like The Hills and America’s Next Top Model without shame…okay maybe a little.
  • I’m a Dodger fan.
  • I like top 40 music. And country. And rock. And mostly everything in between.
  • I don’t say I’m mixed African-American and Caucasian, I’m black and white.
  • I would rather watch a movie than a debate.
  • I don’t like food with clumps of fruit in it.
  • I am in love.
  • I’m not afraid to stand up for myself and will tell you what I think.
  • I would be no one without my friends and family.

So there you have it. That’s me. Although I feel like these qualities could easily have been included in my ongoing 100 list, I felt as though they needed their own post. I don’t know why, but I wanted to put it all out there. So think what you will and say what you wish, but this is who I am.

happy thursday!