Did you know…

…that I love the band Gaelic Storm? You should too.

…they’re the third class band in Titanic aka the best scene in the whole movie!!?!

…Angelina reads my blog? No really. Remember last week when I said my blog was lacking in the cute baby department? Yeah well she brought out the whole brood just for me, haha. Precious!

…Busy Phillips aka Audrey from Dawson’s Creek is preggers? I certainly did not know this. Congrats!

…I used to hide zucchini in my socks when I was younger to avoid eating it at dinner? And then I’d flush it down the toilet. What can I say? I hate zucchini, haha.

David Paterson was sworn in today as the first black and legally blind governor of New York??? And on top of that, he’s already admitted to having multiple affairs?!!?! Crazy politicians.

The Hills is coming back next Monday?!? Hollerrrr. I can’t wait. Such a horribly fantastic show.

…in 7th grade I was able to name 32 places on a world map in a minute and was the best in my class? Hence why I’ve been so addicted to this game lately, trying to reclaim my fame, haha.

…there’s a high of 70 today!?! Hello sun. :)

…I absolutely love blogging and all my freaders, you’re the best!

happy tuesday!