I’m Irish this weekend.

Man I so meant to post earlier in the day, but alas that little thing called “work” has gotten in the way, haha, I kid I kid (hi coworkers!). Anyhoo, since I waited too long my brain has currently turned into mush and I’m stuffed off of delicious pizza…mmmpizza.

Okay. Back to the blog.

Well I hope you all celebrate the most green and beverage filled holiday there is this weekend and have lots o’ fun like the Irish. Two of my best friends are Irish (Matt and Jen), so basically I’m just Irish by association…meaning this weekend should be greenly fabulous.

And I leave you with these two gems of some of the best St. Patty’s Day’s I’ve ever had…

The 8 Great drunk at McP’s. Spot the Irish girl!
My most favorite Irishman :)

happy weekend!