Best. Weekend. Ever.

Well first of all I just want to thank Julie and Nicole again for taking over the blog and keeping everyone in the know with Hollywood and fun celeb run ins (I am definitely jealous of the Matt Damon encounter). But….let me just say that I have my own celeb run in to add to the mix that basically started off my kick ass weekend.

I was hanging out in the airport, reading “Wicked” (which I am so close to finally finishing) and making some small talk with an older man next to me when I happened to look up at the man walking by me on his cell phone. And I kid you not my mouth dropped. I had to stare to make sure I was seeing things clearly. Yes, yes it was Jordan Knight. The Jordan Knight. The Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block who was by far my favorite of the group. I had the Barbie dolls, the giant sleeper shirts and pins with his face on them, I loved him. Oh good freaking jeebus, it really was him. In the moment that he walked past me I called anyone who would be as excited as I was, but before I knew it he was walking back and people around me were trying not to laugh at me because I was basically falling over with excitement. But luckily I got guts and I asked the guy next to me to take a picture and I don’t really even remember we talked about because I was so damn giddy. This moment was 17 years in the making and that’s all I cared about. He was so nice and told me to have a good trip. I was in heaven. And even better, he walked past me again to his gate…with his brother Jon (eee!) and told me to have a great trip….now if this isn’t a sign of a great weekend ahead, I don’t know what is…

me and jordan, eeeee

Well basically I didn’t sleep the whole flight over and read some “Wicked” and anxiously awaited seeing Jen….eee. So I got there fine, no delays, nada and it was fantastic! Jen picked me up and we went out to eat and catch up and I don’t think I stopped laughing the whole time we were there. And the best part was that our waiter was telling us drink specials and said there were 3$ well drinks and Jen was like “yeah I’ll have that.” It was awesome, haha. Granted I wasn’t much better and did the same thing when I got a manicure and the guy asked me if I wanted round or squared nails and I said “yeah that works.” Haha, we rock. The rest of the weekend was spent shopping, eating out, watching Top Model reruns, having fantastic dance parties, drinking lots and lots and just having some kick ass fun… I’ll just let the pictures do the rest of the work….

pregaming at Jen’s place

“modeling” by the foosball table

woo foosball, haha

downtown Greensboro

not so sober cab ride home


what a cute pic, i lav it!

So basically if you couldn’t tell it was one awesome weekend and I can’t wait to do it again. Maybe next time with all the lovely college ladies thrown into the mix :)

Anyhoo, time to get to all my millions of emails and back to the grind of work. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

and happy monday!