Heads Carolina, Tails California.

So really I’m not a huuuuge country song lover or anything but after going to school in Ohio for four years I did learn to love it. And the song “Heads Carolina, Tails California” by Jo Dee Messina is seriously one of my favorites. For one, it’s so dang upbeat you can help but want to dance or sing a long. And two, my friend Jen who got me to like country in the first place currently lives in North Carolina and I, obviously, am in California…awwww. So basically it’s one of our favorite songs and has been put 0n a mix CD or two…obvi.

And why am I talking about this do you ask? Wellllllll I flipped heads and I’m going to North Carolina tomorrow!!!! I am so incredibly excited since I haven’t seen Jen in almost a year, and really…that’s kind of ridiculous. She’s one of my best bffs ever and I truly miss being able to see her (along with all of my other amazing college friends) every day by walking into our rooms that were seconds apart…okay need to stop the college recap…back to the point.

I’m leaving tomorrow!!! eeeeee!!! So with that said…time to get all my work done now! weeee.

And don’t worry the blog won’t be left alone, I have two very very special guest bloggers poppin in tomorrow and Friday to keep you entertained, so come on by and leave them some love! :)

Anyhoo, have a fabulous weekend!

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