And the Oscar goes to….

So as you all know (unless you live in a cave…and if you lived there you probably aren’t reading this…and I digress….), last night was the Academy Awards….ah! Heaven! Love! Basically my most favorite thing to watch, aaaaamazing. I wish I had done some live blogging, but alas there is no internet connection in the front room of my house, oh well. So instead I will write some of the thoughts that came to me while watching last night’s events….here goes:

  • Gary Busey….WTF?! That man is crazy. Seriously. Crazy. And why was he at the awards last night?! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please direct yourself to this gem of a clip of Gary basically barging in on Ryan Seacrest’s interview with my girl Jen Garner and Laura Linney. Poor Jen looked so scared, heck I would too. And where was Ben to protect her? Honestly Ben. Oh wait, that’s right, Ben was f’ing Jimmy Kimmel, haha.
  • Why is Jack Nicholson always at the Oscar’s? Anyone? It’s not a Laker’s game Jack, but somehow the man is always front and center. I don’t get it.
  • And even more of a “why”, Why the freaking A was Brad Renfro left out of the “In Memorium” montage?!?!? Although I was fighting off tears after seeing Heath I got pretty pissed when Brad was left out. Luckily I’m not the only one who noticed this and thought that the Academy’s reason of “It’s simply not possible to fit everyone in” just didn’t cut it.
  • Apparently all my ranting last week of one strap dresses just makes me look like an idiot. Since about nine women wore them last night, haha. Granted I didn’t have problems with all of them. I absolutely loved Katherine Heigl’s dress.

    As for an overall favorite dress, I don’t think I really had one.
    I was a fan of Cameron Diaz’s dress, although she really could have done more with her hair and I really didn’t get why everyone was interviewing her, but oh well, cute dress:

    And of course I loved Jen, because she’s always fabulous:

  • And let’s not forget the men of the evening….
    One of the night’s big winners, Jeffrey Dean Morgan….I mean Javier Bardem, having some fun on the red carpet:

    George looked so cute last night, and I’m so glad he had more to say than his gf Sarah, that girl is a mute, seriously Sarah, you’re dating George Clooney, I know you have a lot to talk about, haha.

    As always looking so Dreaaaaamy, was Patrick Dempsey:

  • And I absolutely loved the performance from the duo from Once. It was so sweet and amazing, and that song, ah, precious. And even better was their acceptance speech. Although Markéta Irglová got cut off, I was glad that John Stewart brought her back out to finish her speech, so wonderful.

All in all, there wasn’t anything too big or surprising last night. John Stewart popped in some political jokes (Gaydolf Titler, haha, love it), some surprise winners (Tilda and Marion, woa, congrats) and lots of built in ads (ummmApple? Wii??). But of course I still loved it, I’m a sucker for the Oscar’s. :)

And of course the moment you’ve all been waiting for….the winner of the mini-bity Oscar pool contest…. KIKI from Spaztastic Adventures of a DC Fashionate with a total of 6 out of 8 right. The next closest were Single and Jenn each with 5 each. Thanks to everyone who played!

And be on the look out, more contests may be popping up in the future :)

happy (day after the oscar’s) monday!