If I was famous…

So a while ago Matt and I were talking about celebrities and who we would like to play us if a movie was ever made about our oh-so-exciting lives. Well that’s not really the point. I just like matching myself up to celebrities. So now it’s up to you to take a vote on my top 3….here goes:

Me (in case you forgot what I look like)

Choice #1
Paula Patton

Choice #2
Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice

Choice #3
Halle Berry

Obviously I picked these ladies for some similar and very different reasons. All can pull off some crazy ass curly hair which is essential to playing me. Also, two of the three are very talented actresses while the other just has a crazy ass accent that would be sweet. So… who do you think would play me best? And who would you have play you in a movie?

happy tuesday!

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