Loving dislikes: Hollywood style.

Love: The Hills. I’m serious. That show is a sick addiction. I really can’t help watching it and can’t wait for a new season to come back.
Strongly, oh so strongly dislike: Photo op crap like this from Spencer and Heidi. Ew. I’m not even going to post the pictures but you can check it out if need to throw up your lunch. Gag.
Love: When VH1 makes a pop up video of Heidi’s “music video”, if you can even call it that, haha. It’s hilarious. Check it out.

Love: Vanessa Williams’s dress. It’s fabulous and I would so wear it.

Strongly dislike: That there isn’t another strap. With another strap it would be a divine dress. Divine I say.

Love: Bai Ling’s mugshot. If this doesn’t scream classy I don’t know what does.

Dislike: The fact that this woman is everywhere and I don’t even know what she’s famous for!

Love: Top Model is coming back next week!!!

Dislike: It’s not in LA anymore…boo. Granted I guess a change of venue is necessary after nine cycles.

Love Love Love: Jennifer Garner and Violet…obviously. They’re just so dang cute.

Dislike: That I haven’t been asked to babysit yet, haha.

Love: Taye Diggs, because really, what’s not to love? ;)

happy weekend!!