Work it.

So I’ve recently (well over the past couple months) become a regular gym goer (woo! applause! cheers!). And in that past couple of months I can’t even count how many ‘work out mixes’ I have gone through. I seriously have music ADD. Any of my friends can attest to this fact: I rarely play songs the whole way through (which made it kind of difficult when I was a DJ), I play some songs on repeat forever and ever (to the dismay of anyone who lived with me) and I have an overall random ass taste in music. With that all said, my current work out mix is a random jumble of songs I love and make me want to move, but I am in need of adding to the mix and am very open to adding some new tracks. So here’s what I currently have:

So see what I mean? I listen to random stuff (and lots of Britney, please don’t judge, haha). So please send you favorite work out songs or just songs in general so I can check them out and add them to my gym repertoire (woot!). Thank you, thank you.

Happy Thursday!