Gone too soon.

Well I tried to think of several ways to write this post, but I really haven’t been able to come up with the right words. I know it seems crazy that I could be so sad about losing someone I didn’t even know, but really I am. Yesterday after I found out Heath Ledger died I was just in shock and all around sad. Sad because he was a freaking icon for me, hell for any female my age. Because let’s be honest here 10 Things I Hate About You was one of the biggest hits of ’99 and every girl loved him and loved that movie. And hell every other movie he made was great too, A Knight’s Tale, The Patriot, Brokeback Mountain and his upcoming role is going to be amazing as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

I think I’m also sad because of Matilda, his two and a half year old daughter with ex-girlfriend Michelle Williams. Leaving such a small child behind is devastating, especially for a man that talked so highly about being a father.

But really I think most of it stems from the fact that just last week another young actor passed away, Brad Renfro. Although Brad was not nearly as big or well known of an actor as Heath, I was still sad. The Client is one of my favorite movies and Brad did some good work. And again it was sad because he was only 25. And Heath was only 28. What is going on in Hollywood?

Okay well this post is severely depressing and sad so I apologize, I may have to add another post later with bunnies and rainbows or something to brighten it up, haha.

However I’ll just end this post with a simple rest in peace.

Brad Barron Renfro (7/25/82 – 1/15/08)

Heathcliff Andrew Ledger (4/4/79 – 1/22/08)