Black light mysteries.

Well today would usually be the day that I talk about the Oscar nominations and who I think will win and all that jazz but by god I am a horrible movie goer this year. I have seen only one of the best picture nominees (one! blasphemy!). Heck I think Juno is the only movie I’ve seen that’s nominated (not including Ratatouille and Surf’s Up)! Gah! Who am I!?! This is seriously a disgrace to my being…I must stop working and immediately go to the nearest movie theater. Ah. I wish. So I guess I can only speculate who will win off of Golden Globe wins and critic’s choices and what not, but that’s so boring. So I may just have to save that til next month, closer to the awards when hopefully I will have redeemed myself and actually seen some of the nominations…one can only hope.

Well since this post can no longer be about movies I will instead direct attention at myself. Because there’s nothing like a little embarrassment to start of a Tuesday morning (or afternoon, depending on when you’re reading this).

So Saturday night after a fun filled family birthday party, Matt and I went bowling with his brother, his girlfriend, her friend and Matt’s younger brother. Now it wasn’t just any bowling, it was Nitro bowling on a Saturday night (aka black lights, loud music and disco lights that could give anyone a seizure…sweet!). And let’s just make it known, I love bowling. No seriously, love it. And I’m not half bad either which is always nice (I bowled a 127 my first game and a 103 the second, holler). Well the fact that I love bowling actually has no point to this anecdote but I wanted to share my scores anyways, haha. So moving on. We finally get our lane and our shoes and head on over. As I’m sitting down putting on my shoes and the black lights go on I happen to look down at my jeans and what do I see?….a bunch of white conspicuous dots. (insert laugh at Katelin) Gah! Well get your head out of the gutter this instance because there is no way it could be what you are thinking. I just happened to grab some jeans that I had worn a couple times without washing (tisk tisk). But gah! I was basically mortified. Luckily only Matt noticed (well I told him) while the rest of the group was a little too distracted (i.e. drunk) to see the mysterious spots on my jeans. Nonetheless when it wasn’t my turn to bowl you can sure as hell bet I was sitting down crossed leg and cheering people on, haha.

So the moral of the story is: Make sure you have clean clothes on before you go anywhere with black light! haha.

Happy Tuesday!