Randomosity at it’s finest.

  • The Dutch know how to make online shopping fun, check it out!
  • Scientists discovered the remains of a two thousand pound rodent. Thank god that’s not lurking around my office. Ew.
  • You can leave yourself a message for the future. Weeeeird. But I may try it.
  • Don’t drink and mow.
  • Heidi will marry Spencer if … he stops being a douchebag. Wait. Why do I care? Gag.
  • Apparently Harvey Dent is the backbone of The Dark Knight. But really,we all know it’s Bruce Wayne that really matters….mmmmChristian Bale. Ah. Is it lame that I can’t wait for this movie to come out and watch the preview randomly just for fun? Yeah, six months and two days to go. I’m lame.