I’ve lost my appetite.

Ew. Gag. Ack.

Those are the only words I can put together after seeing the Heidi/Spencer montage gallery on People. Why oh why would People.com post that?! I thought they were better than that.
If you don’t want to gag and scream at the whole gallery just check out my favorite (the most ridiculous) pic of the bunch:

*throws up a little in mouth*

Okay those publicity whores can’t be the only thing on this post. Instead admire Johnny Depp at some Sweeney Todd promo looking mysterious and scrumptious aka the usual:

And if that doesn’t do it for you (well you have some problems)…I’ve got one more trick up my sleeve to make you laugh. Apparently last night was the People’s Choice awards and no one went except Queen Latifah (she hosted) and all the acceptance speeches were pre-taped and all that jazz. Well Joaquin Phoenix thought it’d be cool to do his speech in the form of big ass notecards. Well homeboy must have been cracked out, wasted, exhausted…or all of the above because here’s how his first card looked:

Notice any problems here?

He spelled his NAME wrong!!

How do you mess that one up? Seriously.
update: Julie Q makes a good point that he could have misspelled his name on purpose to demonstrate lack of writers. However I think if that’s what he was going for he should have misspelled something on all of the cards…hmmmm

Oh well. Makes for some great Wednesday laughs, haha.