Merry Christmas (eve)!

While I wish I had the time and creativity to write a super meaningful post about how grateful I am for everything and love you all as my readers, I really just can’t now. So expect that post to come later this week sometime. The holidays have been hectic and crazy and amazing so far and it’s barely just begun. Dinner is almost ready and family will be together and we’ll watch Christmas movies and just be together (hopefully without argument, haha).

So I’d just like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas full of craziness, bliss, happiness and any other ness word you can think of, haha.

And just because…my favorite celebs say Merry Christmas too! :)

hi keanu

shiloh! you’re out! just in time for christmas!

suri is santa’s little helper, gosh she’s cute

jen and kerri take their cuties on a stroll, love it!

Merry Christmas!

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