Juno and Josh. Love it.

So I have a free second here (woot!) and I’ve got two things to talk about quickly. Numero Uno…Juno. This movie was great. My friend Courtney and I went and saw it last night (yes same girl I saw Lars and the Real Girl With, we love quirky awkward movies…what can I say?) Anyhoo. in brief the movie is about a girl, Juno (Ellen Page), who gets knocked up by her adorably awkward best friend/wanabe boyfriend Paulie (Michael Cera). She’s only sixteen and immediately seeks a family to adopt the unborn baby, cue Jen Garner and Jason Bateman as the happy suburban couple desperately wanting a baby. That’s about all the back story you really need for this one. Anything else I say would take away from the humor of the movie. Juno is so blunt and the comedy is so raw it’s hilarious. Granted the whole movie isn’t just about comedy, there are some serious parts and rather touching moments (Jen does an amazing job I think, as does Ellen Page). Basically I highly recommend it. It’s funny, it’s cute, it’s sweet and it’s just the kind of comedy you need to relax and watch during this oh so busy season. Anyhoo, check out the trailer and then go to your nearest Indie Flick carrying theater and watch it:

And secondly. Josh Kelley. He is great. First of all, he’s marrying Katherine Heigl this weekend…how cute will that wedding be?! I just hope she picks some better bridesmaid dresses than in her newest movie 27 Dresses, haha. And he’s going to sing at their wedding!? Precious.
Anyhoo, not the main reason I’m writing about him. I just got an email today to pre-order his new CD Special Company that’s coming out in February. So who wants to buy it for me?? It’s only ten bucks, haha. Well that and his Myspace is housing a couple more of his songs like “Hey Katie”, “Unfair”, and my pretty much favorite “Tidal Wave” . So go and check them out and enjoy the musical wonderousness!

Happy Tuesday!

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