Work Parties=Awesome.

Oh man. Those are pretty much the only words that can sum up yesterday. The secret santa was great…nothing as bad as last year really except for the ball gag and sex rope that someone got, haha. I ended up getting a Scooby Doo bank with a bobble head Scooby on it, I love it. And it’s totally hanging out on my desk, haha.

And then there was the party….haha. I don’t want to talk about it too much until I have some great pictures to share. But just know that the open bar was taken advantage of, Guitar Hero was played, dancing was done, Cambodian music played, more shots were taken, more dancing, and my god it was a great time.

And what’s even better? That today I got in at 11:20 and I wasn’t the last person here, haha. It’s fantastic. I love seeing people roll on into work and hear random stories of parts of the evening that I missed…amazing. Way to make a Friday morning.

Especially since I realized that last week’s episode of Grey’s was its last for a while….meaning no McPacey!!! Alas, seeing these pictures did make me quite happy this morning…oh the little things….

Happy weekend!