Links to the woot degree.

So I made it through Tuesday, now can I make it through Wednesday?? That’s the real question, haha.

Basically I’m just uber busy and don’t have time to bust out real posts, however I will share some of the best links I’ve found so far today…

_ Like I mentioned a while ago, I tend to make up words and use ridiculous words out of context. Well yet again the good folks at Merriam-Webster have inducted another one of my favorite useless phrases into the dictionary, everyone say hello to 2007’s most popular word: Woot.

_Moviefone has made a list of the top 25 worst movie remakes, it’s pretty accurate. And I’m happy to say none of my favorite movies made it on there, whew.

_Jessica Alba is pregnant! Okay you can add that to the headlines I wasn’t expecting to see this year. She just doesn’t come off as the mom ready type yet, well hell neither does Nicole Richie, but I guess it works. Congrats Jess!

_Apparently there is some new gold wonder pill that makes your poo turn gold. Now tell me, why in the world would anyone want gold poop? And for 425$?! Ya I think I’ll pass on this newest trend.

_And lastly, a big ole Happy Birthday to the man, the myth, the legend….Mr. Bob Barker! Hope you’re enjoying retirement Bob…actually you’re probably playing Plinko as we speak. Enjoy it Bob, enjoy.

Happy Wednesday!
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